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Syracuse University Libraries

Visual History Archive (VHA): Archive of the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education

Background Information and General Guides

Visual History Archive (VHA) FAQ

1. How can I access this database?   You can access the VHA via the "Databases" menu on the SU Libraries Website ( 

​2. How do I log in?   The first time you use the VHA, you must register on the VHA Website. Registration is FREE. You will be asked to create a personal account with a username and password. (This is different from your NetID.)

3.  How do I search the VHA to find testimonies of interest?      The database can be searched in a variety of ways, including:  Quick Search; Experience Groups Search (e.g., in the case of testimonies from the Holocaust/ World War II era, "Jewish Survivors," "Rescuers and Aid Providers (Holocaust)," "Sinti and Roma Survivors," "Liberators," "Political Prisoners," "Jehovah’s Witness Survivors," "War Crimes Trial Participants," "Miscellaneous [Individuals] (World War II)," "Eugenics Policies Survivors," "Non-Jewish Forced Laborers," and "Homosexual Survivors"); Index Search (searching or browsing on indexing terms in the USC Shoah Foundation Thesaurus); People Search (i.e., for specific interviewees' or persons' names); and Places Search (browsing, searching, or zooming in on a Google Map).  A search can be limited by language of interviews and/or gender of interviewees.