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Photography Resources: Books

The aesthetic, historic, and technical aspects of photography are covered in this guide.

Tools to Find Books

If Bird Library does not have what you need you can order books and journal articles from Interlibrary Loan free of charge.



Books Regarding Photography

Oxford Companion to Photography  TR9.094 2005 Ref

Contemporary Photographers TR139.C66 1988 Ref

Sontag, Susan- On Photography TR183 .S65 1977

Sontag, Susan. Against Interpretation  PN771 .S62 1990

Nachtway, James. Inferno TR820.6.N34 1999

Stieglitz. Alfred- TR663.N38 2002 Vol. 1-2

Liebovitz, Annie. Annie Liebovitz at Work TR680.L376 2008

Iranian Photography TR655.I37 2008

Dinius, Marcy J. The camera and the press : American visual and print culture in the age of the daguerreotype PS374.P43 D56 2012

Olin, Margaret. Touching Photographs TR183.O45 2012

Emerling, Jae. Photography:history and theory TR187.E44 2012

Newhall, Beaumont. The history of photography: from 1839 to the present TR15.N47 1982

Batchen,Geoffrey (ed). Photography degree zero:reflections on Roland Barthes's Camera lucida TR642.P46 2009



Photography books are located at Carnegie Library.

Special Collections Research Center has many primary sources.