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Goldring Art Journalism Program: Guide to Art & Art Criticism Resources: Getting Started

This guide supports the department of Art and Music Histories as well as providing library information on related programs.

Newhouse Goldring Arts Journalism Program

We invite you to spend the next year making your dream come true by honing your writing, multi-media, and journalism skills, and deepening your knowledge of the arts. In this time of the digital revolution, journalists need advanced skills in digital technology, writing and multi-media story-telling abilities, professional experience, and specialized knowledge in culture—all this is part of the Goldring experience.

What is a database?

Art Criticism

Art Criticism- the analysis and evaluation of works of art. More subtly, art criticism is often tied to theory; it is interpretive, involving the effort to understand a particular work of art from a theoretical perspective and to establish its significance in the history of art. Britannica

  • Art Journalist/Critics are not born they become. It is a profession and an art form which is constantly changing and evolving with the culture we create and inhabit.
  • It is not enough to have an opinion when working as an art critic. One must have good knowledge and a passion for the area one is writing about, as well as a fluid (and entertaining) writing style.
  • Always make sure you have the correct facts (there will inevitably be an expert in the area reading your review).
  • Know your audience.
  • Read a plethora of critics’ reviews in current journals (found on our databases or e-journals), newspapers, magazines and books in hard copy also.

Writing About Art

A Short Guide to Writing about Art N7476 B37 2008

About Modern Art- N6490 S895 2001

Anxious Object-N6490 R59 1973

Art Criticism and Education-N7476 W63 1997

Beyond Piety, Essays On the Visual Arts- N7445.2 G45 1995

Clement Greenberg- N7483 G73 K87

Criticizing Art- N7476 B38 1994

Nothing If Not Critical –N7445.2 H83 1998

Provocations- N7475 C67 1996

The Critic Sees - N7475 G5 1993

Understanding Art Objects -N7477.U53 2009

Art and the Human Adventure - N7483.M27.A45 2009

Writing Art History, Disciplinary Departures - N7480.I84 2010