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LGBT Studies: Media; Race/Ethnicity

Media; Race/Ethnicity

Media Images

The history of gay & lesbian images on television
Bird- Video cassette 11187

Bird- Videocassette 12310

Discusses how actress Jodie Foster and her on-screen roles have been viewed as a lesbian role model.

Glitter & Queer
Bird- Video DVD 12249

A DVD collection featuring queens and gay icons with their best music videos.

Off the straight & narrow lesbians, gays, bisexuals & television.
Bird- Video cassette 8312

Casts a critical eye over the growth of gay images on TV. Leading media scholars provide the historical and cultural context for exploring the social implications of these new representations. Challenges viewers to consider the value and limits of available gay images: who is represented, what they get to say, and how people respond to them.

Pink triangles
Bird-Media, Lower Level Video cassette 11342

A documentary designed to explore prejudice against lesbians and gay men. Provides a historical perspective for this prejudice and offers a discussion of why this prejudice is so strong.

Race & Ethnicity

Sea in the Blood
Bird-Video DVD 13064

A personal documentary about living close to illness. It traces the relationship of the artist to thalassemia in his sister Nan, and AIDS in his partner Tim. At the core of the piece are two trips. The first is in 1962 when Richard went with Nan from Trinidad to England to see a famous hematologist interested in her unusual case. The second is in 1977 when Richard and Tim made a counterculture pilgrimage from Europe to Asia. The relationship with Tim blossomed, but Nan died before their return.

Orientations: lesbian & gay Asians
Bird-Video DVD 13124

A dozen Canadian gay men and women of different Asian backgrounds speak frankly about their lives as members of a minority within a minority. They tell about coming out, racism, cultural identity and challenge the stereotype of Asians as quiet and passive.

Bird Videocassette 13171

A film by and about two Jewish lesbians who met and fell in love at a Passover seder.

Bird-Video DVD 12903

A fact-based interracial gay love story of two men incarcerated in the infamous South African Robin Island prison in the 18th century. Claas Blank, a Koi herder was unjustly imprisoned for stealing cattle. Rijkhaart Jacobsz, a withdrawn Dutch sailor, was imprisoned for the crime of homosexuality. The two were placed on trial for sodomy and the film is based partly on court transcipts from the time.