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Syracuse University Libraries



"Non, je ne regrette rien" Fear of disclosure
Bird- Video cassette 6483

In the 1st work (38 min.), five gay Black men who are HIV-positive discuss how they are battling the double social stigmas surrounding their infection and homosexuality. In the 2nd work (7 min.), the negative reaction of a potential lover to a man when he discloses his HIV-positive status is described.

Pandemic facing AIDS
Bird- Video DVD 11878

This theatrical version of the HBO series takes us around the globe to reveal stories of people who have been touched by AIDS: James (Uganda), a seven-year-old orphan who is taking care of his little sister Jessica; Sergei and Lena (Russia), young parents whose previous drug use has left them HIV-positive; Nagaraj and Bhanu (India), a young family facing life with AIDS in a small village, Alex (Brazil), a 27-year-old gay man who is trying to rebuild his health and get back to living a full and productive life; and Lek (Thailand), a former sex worker.

The Other crisis AIDS and mental health
Bird- Video cassette 5392

Presents interviews with mental health professionals who deal with AIDS patients. Discusses psychological issues which have to date been ignored. Discusses clients at risk, clients and drugs, dealing with gay clients, clients and the test, dealing with clients with AIDS, and the fears of practitioners.

Bright Eyes
Bird - Video cassette 12300

This production explores attitudes toward homosexuality in three parts: one, the early scientific view of homosexuality as a disease; two, the pre-World War II view (especially in Germany) of homosexuality as a crime.

Fast Trip Long Drop
Bird - Video DVD 11858

Autobiographical documentary by Gregg Bordowitz chronicles his day to day life after testing positive for the HIV virus in 1988.

Habit: a Documentary
Bird -Video DVD 11859

Footage of the videomaker’s daily life with HIV/AIDS, made possible by his drug regimen, is interspersed with footage of treatment access activism around the world, particularly Treatment Action Campaign in South Africa, where people struggle against the laws and pharmaceutical companies that make AIDS drugs unaffordable to those who need them.

Silverlake Life
Bird-Videocassette 10258

Presents the story of Tom Joslin and Mark Massi, a gay couple who both have AIDS. Documents their life together and the process of living with AIDS.

Zero Patience
Bird-Videocassette 11904

"John Greyson has woven a tall tale of love and loss, sex and science, history and hysteria in the age of AIDS. Greyson revives renowned Victorian Sir Richard Burton who constructs a sensationalist multimedia museum display focusing on Patient Zero, the gay French-Canadian flight attendant accused of bringing AIDS to North America"--Container.