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Syracuse University Libraries

LGBT Studies: General

General Topics

Dealing with difference opening dialogue about lesbian, gay and straight...
Bird- Videocassette 12208

Library has: Videocassette teacher's resource book
Discusses life issues and concerns for gays and lesbians in school communities. Shows public debate around LGBT issues in school communities for all students.

Inside out narrated by Armistead Maupin
Law Library - Videotape KF299.G2 I57 1994

Accompanying Material: 1 discussion guide and reference materials manual

The Question of equality series
Bird- Video cassette 7305

Library has: pt.1-pt.4
Using archival footage and interviews, this video set documents the hard-fought gains and heartbreaking losses in the struggle for gay and lesbian equality.

Out of the past
Bird- Video cassette 8372

A Conversation with Brian McNaught on being gay
Bird- Video cassette 6126

Author, counselor, and lecturer Brian McNaught dispels myths about homosexuality. He talks about growing up gay in a straight world and discusses such topics as Bible-based bigotry, stereotypes, transvestism, transexualism, and AIDS.

Looking for a space lesbians & gay men in Cuba = Buscando un espacio
Bird- Video Cassette 7983

Examines the treatment of lesbians and gay men in Cuba from the early years of the Castro Revolution to the present. Through interviews with several gay Cubans, this film gives the perspectives of current residents of Cuba on questions of political ideology and sexual identity.

It's elementary talking about gay issues in school
Bird- Video cassette 8501

An exploration of what happens when experienced teachers talk to their students about lesbians and gay men. Students at six elementary and middle schools are asked to consider issues related to homosexuality and anti-gay prejudice. Presents footage of classroom activities and discussions with students exploring questions and issues presented to them by teachers and guest lecturers who come into their classes. Discusses school-wide presentations, activity-days, and how these events affect faculty, parents and teachers.

Out! making schools safe for gay teens
Bird- Video cassette 9184

Shows how to combat homophobia through the sensitization of every member of a school community. The first part is intended for staff and features interviews with teachers and counselors as well as tips for forming a gay-straight alliance. The second is designed for students and presents candid interviews with gay teenagers who discuss the reactions of their friends and families and ways in which they have coped with harassment.

Finding our way men talk about their sexuality
Bird- Video cassette 6244

Series of discussions at a weekend retreat among twelve men (heterosexual, gay & bisexual) about topics such as intimacy, homosexuality, AIDS, sex and aging, and anxiety about "sexual performance".

Our brothers, our sons
Bird- Video cassette 10547

Documentary film about unsafe sex (called "barebacking"); including interviews.

Gay Games IV from A to Q
Bird- Video cassette 6807

Out at work a documentary
Law Library - Videotape HD6285.5.U6 A5 1996

Documents the lives of three gay workers from 1991 to 1996. One is a lesbian who became politically active after being fired from Cracker Barrel restaurant in Georgia. One is a gay man who worked with his union to fight harassment in an auto factory in Detroit. One is a New York Public Library employee who sought health benefits for his partner.

The Female closet
Bird- Video cassette 10743

Explores the life and works of three women artists: Alice Austen, a well-to-do American woman of the Victorian era, who took up photography; Hannah Ho¨ch, a German artist who was part of the Dada movement of the 1920's; and Nicole Eisenman, an American graphic artist of the 1990's. Explores their lesbianism and how each has or has not been able to deal with lesbian themes in their work.