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Syracuse University Libraries

Political Science

An SU Libraries' research starting points guide for political science

Databases A-Z

Here's a link to the full A to Z list of databases available through the Syracuse University Libraries.  Includes databases containing articles, images, data and videos.  Search for a database by title, subject area, or content type.


Databases especially relevant to Political Science may include:

Access World News [Newsbank]
Full-text content of local and regional newspapers.  

Alt-Press Watch [Proquest]
Full-text database of selected newspapers, magazines, and journals of the alternative and independent press.

Alternative Press Index [EBSCOhost]
Indexes almost 300 alternative, radical, and left periodicals, newspapers, and magazines. It is interdisciplinary and international in scope. 

Annual Reviews  Provides extensive annual scholarly literature reviews in the biomedical sciences, physical sciences and social sciences. Full text access includes the complete archive for all titles in this series.  Researchers can select "political science" from the top level tab on the annual reviews homepage that is labeled "journals."

Archives of the Chinese Government [Oriprobe] Archives and publications of the Chinese central government, its ministries and subsidiaries, and regional authorities. The National People’s Congress and the National Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference are the official sources of information on the Chinese government and other political issues in China for this resource.

Archives of the Communist Party of China [Oriprobe] Archives and publications of the Communist Party of China since its establishment in 1921. Information from official organizations, i.e., the People's Daily Press, the Party Literature Research Office of the CPC Central Committee, the National People's Congress, and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. 

China Data Online  [All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd] Primary data source for China studies. It includes (1) China Statistical Databases; (2) China Census Databases; and (3) China Spatial Data Services (China Geo-Explorer I & II and additional China map collections).

China GEO-Explorer II [All China Marketing Research Co., Ltd] Web based spatial data service that allows access to comprehensive information from government statistics, population and economic Census, and many other data sources with functions for exploratory spatial data analysis. Includes pre-formatted summary, comparison and rank reports and maps, and allows users to quickly retrieve information for any area of Mainland China.

CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online
A comprehensive source for theory and research in international affairs, CIAO includes working papers, conference proceedings, books, journal tables of contents, and WWW links.

CQ Magazine [Congressional Quarterly]
Formerly "CQ Weekly." Week by week non-partisan report on activity within the United States Congress. Discusses issues about to be addressed by Congress, summaries of the previous week's legislative events, status of bills pending before the House and Senate, committee and floor activity, and outcomes of roll call votes. Searchable by date, topic, latest votes.

CQ Researcher [Congressional Quarterly]
Offers in-depth reports on public policy issues. Each report focuses on a single topic and features concise background discussion and chronologies, overviews of the current situation, pro and con commentary, as well as online links to relevant organizations, and a lengthy bibliography of related books and articles. 

CQ Voting and Elections Collection [Congressional Quarterly] Integrates recent and deeply historical data about American voting behavior. Covers electoral races for the U.S. Congress, the Presidency and state governorships. Includes data on voter turnout, and major and minor political parties.

Cross-National Time-Series Data Archive [Databanks International]
Provides annual data from 1815 to the present for all countries for many variables of use to social scientists.  Includes some data coverage not found in sources like World Bank’s World Development Indicators or the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research. For the list of FAQs about CNTS data, including countries and variables in the data set -  visit -

Data-Planet Statistical Datasets [Conquest Systems]
Once inside Data-Planet Statistical Datasets, look toward the left of the screen for a series of subject folders.  The "International" folder draws datapoints from sources such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, United Nations and China Data Center as well as World Resource Institute environmental data.  Additional categories cover foreign labor statistics, population change/migration, and balance of trade data.  Data categories covered for the U.S. include education, commerce, housing and construction, population and income, prices and cost of living, energy, health, labor & employment, banking, finance and insurance.

Digital National Security Archive [Proquest]
Contains more than 35,000 of the most important, declassified documents that led to US policy decisions.

The Economist [Economist Newspaper Limited]
Visit the  SU Libraries Classic Catalog page for The Economist (which leads to various ways to review Economist articles in third party databases and from a link the the "publisher site" {ignore reference prompting personal subscription}).  This is the Classic Catalog page for print and microfilm editions of back issue Economist articles

E.I.U.  [Economist Intelligence Unit]
Analysis and forecasts of the political, economic and business environment for almost 200 countries. 

Europa World [Taylor & Francis]

Full-text online version of Europa World Year Book, reference book for political and economic information in over 250 countries and territories.

Foreign [Council on Foreign Relations]
Articles and current news covering the political, historical, and economic impacts of American foreign policy and global affairs. Includes the full archive of Foreign Affairs Magazine 1922-present plus additional online-only content.  Access note:  Ignore links that offer the option to "subscribe."  All current Syracuse University NETID holders have access to current and back issue articles posted to this site.

Global Terrorism Database [free web resource from National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, University of Maryland]
Provides detailed information on terrorist incidents.

ICPSR [Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research]
ICPSR is a membership-based organization providing access to the world's largest archive of computer-based research and instructional data for the social sciences. The data archive includes a broad range of disciplines, including political science, sociology, demography, economics, history, education, gerontology, criminal justice, public health, foreign policy, and law. ICPSR's entire collection is online and available for downloading. However, many of the studies in the ICPSR archive are restricted to faculty, staff, and students at member institutions. Syracuse University Libraries is a member.

ICTEye [International Telecommunication Union] Free online service for identifying a variety of numeric telecommunications related indicators for various countries. A highly user friendly interface with country data country covering 1998 and prior thru 2008. Use the pull-down menu to select a country. Indicators covered include: Ratio of mobile cellular subscriptions to fixed telephone lines; Main (fixed) telephone lines per 100 people; Mobile, cellular subscriptions per 100 people; Internet indicators: subscribers, users and broadband subscribers.

IDEA [International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance] Based in Stockholm, Sweden, IDEA is an intergovernmental organization supporting sustainable democracy worldwide.  Visit their page for Data & Tools for a variety of data tables addressing subjects such as voter turnout in numerous countries around the globe, electoral system design, gender quotas, direct democracy, electoral justice and more.

iPoll Databank [Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Cornell University]
The leading repository for public opinion data in the U.S.  Roper iPoll Databank draws upon academic, media and commercial polls originating from more than 150 organizations.  Covers over one half million polling questions and responses from 1935 to the present.  Features include question level retrieval with links to full results, links from questions to study abstracts and questionnaires, and unlimited download of datasets via RoperExpress (in SPSS or ASCII formats).  Once inside the database – users can also register for accounts that enhance their ability to manipulate and save search results.

Leadership Connect [Leadership Directories, Inc.]
Online version of 14 Leadership directory yellow books: Congressional yellow book, Federal yellow book, State yellow book, Municipal yellow book, Federal regional yellow book, Judicial yellow book, Corporate yellow book, Financial yellow book, News media yellow book, Associations yellow book, Law firms yellow book, Government affairs yellow book, Foreign representatives yellow book, and: Nonprofit sector yellow book.

NCJRS [National Criminal Justice Reference Service - free web resource]
Covers all aspects of law enforcement and criminal justice, including: police, courts, corrections, juvenile justice, community crime prevention, criminal justice system, fraud, waste, and abuse in government programs. 

Nexis Uni - [LexisNexis] Access more than 15,000 news, business and legal sources from LexisNexis—including U.S. Supreme Court decisions dating back to 1790, together with extensive current and historical U.S. state and federal statutes, published court decisions and regulations. Registering for a free ID and password within the interface is recommended for those looking to take advantage of personalization features such as alerts, saved searches and a collaborative workspace with shared folders and annotated documents. Licensed for SU only. Available to Law School users from SU campus only.

OECD iLibrary [Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development] "OECD iLibrary is OECD’s Online Library for Books, Papers and Statistics and the gateway to OECD’s analysis and data. ... OECD iLibrary users at subscribing institutions are able to conduct searches, retrieve listings of publications meeting the search criteria, and choose to download selected titles in various formats, or selected statistical data in spreadsheet format. Access is available for titles published from January 1998 onwards."

PAIS International [Proquest] Index to articles, books, conference proceedings, government documents, book chapters, and statistical directories about public and international affairs. Covers 1914 to the present.

Peace Research Abstracts [EBSCOhost]
Includes bibliographic records covering essential areas related to peace research, including conflict resolution, international affairs, peace psychology, and other areas of key relevance to the discipline.

Political Database of the Americas [free web resource from Georgetown University]
A non-governmental project of the Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS) at Georgetown University in collaboration with institutions like the Secretariat for Political Affairs of the Organization of American States and FLACSO-Chile, and also with the support of other organizations and entities in the region. Offers information about institutions and political processes, national constitutions, branches of government, elections, political constitutional studies and other subjects related to the strengthening of democracy in the region.

Political Risk Yearbook [PRSGroup]
Country Reports on 106 countries including political and economic risk analysis. Each Country Report focuses specifically on vital political and business information: finding developing markets, determining currency movements, preparing for capital investments, or making judgments about corporate security.

Polling the Nations [ORS Publishing]
A database of polls taken on a variety of subjects all over the world. Each record in the database consists of one poll question and the participants' responses. Records are indexed by subject matter, publication year, general and specific location, and survey method. Other information provided includes: source name and contact information, sample size, and notes on the sample population. The data are gathered from professional polling organizations, television networks, universities, newspapers, businesses and associations.

Proquest [Proquest] Reference database containing articles from popular magazines, current and historical newspapers, business periodicals, and academic publications, covering a wide range of topics including the arts, business, children, education, general interest, health, humanities, international, law, military, multicultural issues, psychology, sciences, social sciences and women's interests.

Proquest Congressional[Proquest] Comprehensive access to US legislative information. {Formerly known as "Lexis Nexis Congressional."}

Proquest Historical Newspapers: Los Angeles Times [Proquest]  Full-page images and article images from the Los Angeles times under all its title variants, covering 1881 thru to the later 20th Century. See also Proquest Digitized Newspapers:  Los Angeles Times for page imaged coverage from 2008 thru to within 3 months of the current date.

Proquest Historical Newspapers: New York Times [Proquest]  The New York Times offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue in 1859 thru to within 3 to 4 years of the current date. See also Proquest Digitized Newspapers:  The New York Times for page imaged coverage from 2008 thru to within 3 months of the current date.

Proquest Historical Newspapers: The Wall Street Journal [Proquest]   Known globally for its coverage of business and economics, offers full page and article images with searchable full text back to the first issue of this publication in 1889. Currency of this historical access is updated periodically and extends to within about 18 years of the current date. See also Proquest Digitized Newspapers: The Wall Street Journal for page imaged coverage from 2008 thru to within 3 months of the current date.

Proquest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post [Proquest] Access to over 100 years of political reporting and other news within the first newspaper in Washington DC to publish seven days per week. Fully imaged page scans from 1877. Currency of this historical access is updated periodically and extends to within about 17 years of the current date.

RAND Voices of Jihad [free web resource from RAND]
"... a compilation of speeches, interviews, statements, and publications of jihadist leaders, foot soldiers, and sympathizers. Nearly all content is in English translation, and has been collected from publicly-accessible websites. Original links are provided, along with excerpts and full-text content when available."

SU Libraries is evaluating this resource and welcomes your feedback. If you use this resource regularly, please help us by responding to this brief survey;International news coverage from 80 countries. SCOLA re-transmits television programming from around the world in native languages. Some of the countries included are: Afghanistan, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand among others. To watch, select World TV online, then select from any of the Channels. NOTE: Times listed are Central Time Zone; add one hour for local Syracuse time.

Scopus [Elsevier] The world's largest abstract and citation database, with over 33 million records. Its coverage of Scientific, Technical, Medical and Social Sciences literature includes 15,000 peer-reviewed journals, 1,200 open-access journals, 500 conference proceedings, over 600 trade publications, and 200 book series. Scopus also covers 386 million quality web sources, including 22 million patents.

Statistical Insight [Proquest] Comprehensive access to US and some international statistical information.

Transitions Online [Transitions - Czech Republic]
A gateway to media outlets not readily accessible in the west (e.g., examples of publications: Novoe Vremea (Moldova); Kapital (Macedonia). Transitions Online compiles these into coherent web-accessible collections (e.g., by country name). In addition to daily journalism-the site allows users to locate, by country, a variety of links to that nation's political parties, government agencies, and think tanks. It also offers job listings, opinion pieces, essays, article packages focusing on common themes and year-in review annual surveys for each country. It does not limit its coverage to economic or political subject matter-but also links to news of the arts, culture and the humanities. It includes a searchable archive with content reaching back to the mid 1990s.

UCDP – Uppsala Conflict Data Program [Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, Sweden] Since 1979 UCDP has recorded ongoing violent conflicts around the world.  UCDP’s Conflict Database is a freely available, open access resource, containing detailed information on armed conflicts, peace agreements and other aspects of organized violence (1946 – present).    UCDP’s website is also a portal to datasets and codebooks, trendline graphs and news on organized violence and peacemaking taking place around the globe. 

Web of Science [Thompson ISI]
Another of the world’s largest indexes of scholarly literature, indexing over 32 million articles and other sources from over 230 disciplines and more than 10,000 journal titles.  An electronic version of print indexes formerly known as “science citation index,” “social sciences citation index,” and “arts & humanities citation index.”  Science and social sciences coverage is from 1900 to present.  Arts & humanities coverage is 1975 to present.  Much like Scopus, Web of Science is a well known “citation” index for tracking down citation patterns from an original article.  The segment of the database called “Journal Citation Reports” allows one to identify lists of top ranked (i.e., most often cited) scholarly journals in numerous disciplines.

World Bank eLibrary [World Bank]
The World Bank’s subscription-based collection of nearly 6,000 books, reports, journals, and working papers ... contains only the final, peer-reviewed versions of the Bank’s formal publications.

World News Connection [Eastview]
ACCESS NOTE: The U.S. Government discontinued daily updates for World News Connection (WNC) on December 31, 2013.
Archive (1995-2013) of translated and English language news and information from the Foreign Broadcast Information Service, compiled from non-United States media sources. Coverage includes political, environmental, scientific, technical, and socioeconomic issues and events. Contains information derived from full-text and summaries of newspaper articles, conference proceedings, television and radio broadcasts, periodicals, and non-classified technical reports.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts [Proquest] Citations, abstracts, and indexing of the international serials literature in political science and its complementary fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / public policy. 

Policy Map

Policy Map is a geographic information system which allows you to easily create and customize maps, tables, and charts detailing various U.S. demographics, real estate, crime, money & income, jobs, education, energy, and public investments. T R F Policy Map


A concise list of SU Libraries subscription databases in media studies and news that represent (or otherwise contain) significant online video, audio or image content:


See also freely available news video searching available via:

  • Internet Archive TV News Search
    (free online access to streaming news video - covering 2009 thru present.  Downloading available via fee based loan on DVD - must be returned to Internet Archive.  SU affiliated students and faculty should also visit the SU Libraries subscription to Vanderbilt University's Television News Archive, where online streaming news video is available for CNN (1995 - present) and NBC (1968 - present).  Other major networks are indexed, but no immediate access to video online - for those - download is via a loan of those clips on DVD-must be returned to Vanderbilt Univ.)

See also freely available video sharing sites like:

      (free online access to hundreds of hours of NBC & Fox network TV programs and to popular movies, both clip segments and full shows/full movies.  Hulu content providers also include NBC Universal, MGM, Warner Bros. and more)
      (another video sharing alternative to youtube)
      (perhaps the most well known video sharing site)


Help With Citing?

Need help on formatting the sources you cite in your academic writing (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.) or want access to full-fledged online bibliographic management systems-like "RefWorks" or  "Zotero,"  Visit the SU Libraries Citation Support website.