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Syracuse University Libraries

Political Science

An SU Libraries' research starting points guide for political science

In the Reference Collection @ Bird Library

A Selection of Reference Books in Print

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Almanac of American Politics
JK1012 A44 Bird Lib.

Almanac of Federal PACS
JK1991 A74 Bird Lib.

American Presidential Campaigns and Elections
JK1965 A57 2003 Bird Lib.


Book of the States
JK2403 B6 Bird Lib.

Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Political Thought
JA84.E9 C27 2006 Bird Lib.



Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Political Thought
JA83 C25 2003 Bird Lib.

Campaign and Election Reform: A Reference Handbook
JK1976.U88 2008 Bird Lib.


Citizen Action Encyclopedia: Groups and Movements That Have Changed America
JS303.5 H35 2002 Bird Lib.

Comparative European Party Systems
JN50 S57 2000 Bird Lib. 

Concise Encyclopedia of Ethics in Politics and the Media
PN4756 C66 2001 Bird Lib.

Congress A to Z
JK1021 C554 2003 Bird Lib.

Congressional Quarterly's Desk Reference on the Federal Budget
HJ2051 W43 1998 Bird Lib.

Congressional Staff Directory
JK1012 C74 Bird Lib.


Declarations of Independence: Encyclopedia of American Autonomous and Secessionist Movements
E183.E79 2007 Bird Lib.


Doing Dissertations in Politics: A Student Guide
JA86 S55 2001 Bird Lib.

Elections A to Z
JK1976 M57 2003 Bird Lib. 

Encyclopedia of African-American Politics
E185 .S58155 2003 Bird Lib.

Encyclopedia of American Religion and Politics
BL2525 .D58 2003 Bird Lib.


Encyclopedia of Government and Politics
JA61 C66 1992 Bird Lib.

Encyclopedia of Media and Politics
P95.82.U6 E47 2007 Bird Lib.


Encyclopedia of Minorities in American Politics
E184 A1 E574 2000 Bird Lib.

Encyclopedia of Modern Ethnic Conflicts
GN496 .E56 2003 Bird Lib.


Encyclopedia of Political Communication
JA85 .E64 2008 Bird Lib.

Encyclopedia of Political Thought
JA61 E52 2001 Bird Lib.


Encyclopedia of Politics: the Left and the Right
JA61 .E54 2005 Bird Lib.

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion
BL65.P7 E53 2007 Bird Lib.


Encyclopedia of the United States Cabinet
E176 G89 2000 Bird Lib.

Encyclopedia of the United States Congress
JK1067 .E63 1995 Bird Lib.

Federal Regulatory Directory
JK610 F4 Bird Lib.

Health Care Policy and Politics A to Z
RA395 A3 R685 2003 Carnegie Lib.

Historical Dictionary of United States Political Parties
JK2261 B345 2000 Bird Lib.

Historical Encyclopedia of U.S. Presidential Use of Force, 1789-2000
E176.1 H56 2001 E.S. Bird Lib.


Information Sources of Political Science
JA71 G73 2005 E.S. Bird Lib.


Municipal Year Book
JS342 A2I52 E.S. Bird Lib.


Official Congressional Directory

JK1011 A29 E.S. Bird Lib., Govt Info-Ref, 3rd Fl.


Oxford Guide to the United States Government
JK9 P384 2001 Bird Lib.


Politics in America
JK1010 P64 Bird Lib.

Presidency A to Z
JK511 P775 2003 Bird Lib.

Presidential Also-Rans and Running Mates, 1788 through 1996
E176.1 S695 1998 Bird Lib.


Presidential Documents: the Speeches, Proclamations, and Policies That Have Shaped the Nation from Washington to Clinton E176.1 P889 2000 Bird Lib., Govt Info-Ref-3rd Fl.


Presidential Scandals
E176.1 S353 2000 Bird Lib, 3rd Fl.

Public Policy Dictionary
H97 K78 1987 Bird Lib.


Statesman's Year-book
JA51 S7 Bird Lib.


Supreme Court A to Z
KF8742 A35 S8 1998 Bird Lib.


United States Government Manual
JK421 A3 Bird Lib., Govt Info-Ref-3rd Fl.


World Encyclopedia of Parliaments and Legislatures
JF511 W67 1998 Bird Lib.

World Encyclopedia of Political Systems and Parties
JF2011 W67 1999 Bird Lib.