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COM 346: Race, Gender, and The Media - Research Starting Points Guide [Professor Charisse L'Pree Corsbie-Massay - Spring 2024]

A course guide from the Newhouse School Librarian (SU Libraries) leading to starting points useful for uncovering additional sources for the Wikipedia projects in COM 346

General Citation Guidance [not Wikipedia's style guide]

These below are starting points for help when writing for class assignments (e.g., those that may often require academic citation styles like APA, MLA, etc.  For COM 346's citations and content embedded into Wikipedia, follow citation rules from Wikimedia Foundation (not these scholarly citation styles)

How to Cite

Targeted Guidance for Citing Sources, Beyond Text-Based Articles and Books (e.g., Images, Video, Audio or Sound Recordings, etc.)

Modeling Your Citation Style Formatting Using Journals That Employ That Style:  Even when often you may not use articles from these specific journals below (some may be helpful in other contexts), their respective reference lists can be terrific models for proper reference list and in-text citation formatting.  Be aware that sometimes publisher presentation of journals online results in small variations between those references lists and orthodox APA or MLA citation styles.

APA Citation Style, used by articles within journals like:

MLA Citation Styles, used by articles within journals like:

This journal may contain multiple citation style formats.  It does not require one specific citation style spanning all article submissions, but instead demands that authors are consistent for whichever citation format they prefer: