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COM 346: Race, Gender, and The Media - Research Starting Points Guide [Professor Charisse L'Pree Corsbie-Massay - Spring 2024]

A course guide from the Newhouse School Librarian (SU Libraries) leading to starting points useful for uncovering additional sources for the Wikipedia projects in COM 346

About This Guide

This librarian prepared guide is a portal into helpful starting points for locating resources for your work in COM 346 (Professor Charisse L'Pree -Corsbie-Massay  - Spring 2024). It is a supplement and not a replacement for additional guidance from the course itself (including advice from Wikimedia Foundation for anyone authoring or editing Wikipedia pages).  Choose wisely and in ways relevant to your particular topic of inquiry.  There are more starting point possibilities here than any individual COM 346 student will need to consult.