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Syracuse University Libraries

Washington Post

Instructions to Syracuse University students, faculty, and staff for access to the digital platform for the Washington Post

Quick Links To Print Edition Washington Post (via ProQuest and Microfilm)

Back issue print edition Washington Post content is also available (without need for personal subscription) via Syracuse University Libraries:

  • Proquest Historical Newspapers: The Washington Post (1851 thru to within about 16 years of the current date - full page image scans)
  • ProQuest (article text only up thru the current date). ProQuest also collects some plain article text pulled in from the Washington Post website covering May 2016 to present (excluding most digital and multimedia elements). A selection of Washington Post video is included for 2018 to present.
  • Microfilm:  While ProQuest offers coverage for over 170 years of print edition Washington Post articles - with full page scans for most of that time period, the SU Libraries high density storage facility also maintains reels of microfilm for the Washington Post and Washington Post and Times Herald, covering 1953 thru 2006, and Washington Post Newspaper indexes covering 1971 thru 1999. Enter a search for the 'journal title' Washington Post into the library's Classic Catalog if interested in viewing those item records and retrieval options

numbered library newspaper sticks