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Syracuse University Libraries

Music Research E-mail Challenge

This guide structures and supports the music research skills e-mail challenge

Day 2 Music Research Challenge

Welcome to Day 2!

Is Google Scholar a useful resource for your research? Did you know that you can customize Google Scholar to provide full-text links to journal articles available through Syracuse University Libraries' subscriptions? This approach can save you time and get you to full text faster. 

Let's get started!

1. Go to Google Scholar

2. Click on the Menu icon 

3. Click on the Settings gear 

4. Click "Library links," and then enter "University of Maine" in the search bar

5. Check "Syracuse University Library - Full-Text via SU Links" from the list of libraries 

Image of search box with Syracuse University in it


6. Click "Save"

7. Now, when you search Google Scholar, you will see a "Full-Text @ SU Links" link next to any subscription resources that we have access to through the Libraries!

Search results of hip hop AND women demonstrating Full-Text via SU Links

NOTE: Clearing your browser cache/history will require you to set up Library Links again. Never fear! Bookmark this guide and you'll be all set.

To get concert credit: send Amanda DuBose a screenshot of your selected libraries!

Preparing for the next challenge

Excellent job setting yourself up for expert access to a wide range of sources on the web! Next, we'll look at ways to find theses and dissertations, which require different approaches to your search, and we'll consider how they can inform your scholarly practice. See you then!