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What the Onondaga County Public Libraries Have to Offer

As with many public libraries, the Onondaga County Public Libraries allow you to check out many of the newest and most popular books available, including mysteries, graphic novels, science fiction, and other relaxing (i.e., non-academic) offerings. With an OCPL library card, you can even place a hold on these resources and have them delivered to your nearest library branch when they become available. 

What many folks in the SU community find most helpful is that OCPL offers access to a wide variety of ebooks and audiobooks that you can download directly to your phone, computer, or other device. You can browse by genre, format, or even availability, and if the ebook or audiobook isn't immediately available, you can place a hold on that item and it will be delivered to your device when it becomes available. 

Apply Online for an OCPL Library Card

Patrons who are at least 13 years old can begin their Onondaga County Public Libraries card application online. When you register online, you will receive a temporary barcode number that you can use to request materials and do other operations online. To begin the online card application, please visit the OCPL registration page

Next, visit any OCPL library and verify your current address with a picture ID or two other forms of ID to receive your permanent library card. After you have your permanent card, then you can check out items. The OCPL branch closet to campus is Petit Library, but you can stop by any OCPL branch to complete your registration. 

Please take a look at the complete information registering for your OCPL card, including which forms of identification are needed.

Questions about Onondaga County Public Libraries?

If you have any questions about joining the Onondaga County Public Libraries or about the resource and services that they offer, please reach out directly to the OCPL