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Syracuse University Libraries

IST 776: Research Methods in Information Science and Technology-Fall 2021 (Xiao): Session Activity/Assessment

Session Activity

Individual Activity before library session in class on the 27th:

  • Complete the Constructing a Search worksheets on the Conducting Literature Reviews tab of the guide based on your topic of interest to develop search terms.
  • Select one of the databases listed on the Databases page in the Starting Points box to apply your searches.
  • Find at least 1 article that is relevant for your topic
  • Answer the following questions, and we will discuss them as a class during the library session:

1. What is the article title that you selected, and why?

2. Did the brainstormed terms from your worksheet work well or not? Why or why not?

3. Did you find other terms within the results that may be used for searching? If so, which and where did you find them?

4. Did you do any refining? If so, what?

5. Did the database you selected work well? Is there another database on the page that you would like to search with your topic in the future?

6. Any additional comments?

Minute Paper Assessment--End of Session