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Selected Topics in Architecture: Notable Alums

These guides suggest specialized resources of interest to students seeking information related to selected diversity topics.

Notable Alumni

This is a work in progress and we hope it will continue to be a work in progress as new alums gain prominence in the profession. 

Notable Alumni Bibliography

Patrick Ahearn:


Ahearn, Patrick. Patrick Ahearn Architect LLC. Edgartown, MA. 1983.

Ayers Saint Gross:




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Working Drawings:

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Chris Baylow:


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Mark Boekenheide:


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John Burse:


Burse, John. Mackey Mitchell Architects. St. Louis, MO.


Burse, John. The Paul Revere Mall: The Synthesis of the Ideal and the Circumstantial. Thesis Document, B.ARCH 1993.

Burse, John and Pedersen, Martin C. Local Hero: Architect John Burse Turns His Attention Toward Old North St. Louis – His Own Neighborhood. Metropolis, 2005 July, V.24, n.11, P. 46-48.

Alton Chow:


Chow, Alton. AECOM. San Diego, CA.

Lea Ciavarra:


Ciavarra, Lea, Lubrano, Anne. Lubrano Ciavarra Architects PLLC. Brooklyn, NY. 2002.


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Ciavarra, Lea and Lubrano, Anne. Renovation/Innovation: A Design Collaboration on Near West Side. YouTube: Lecture, 2013

Ciavarra, Lea. Revealing Res Publica: The Architecture of Democracy. Thesis Document, M.ARCH I, 1994.

Working Drawings:

Lubrano Ciavarra design inc., and Custom Homes. "Home Headquarters Link House: New York Submittal.” New York, NY. 2009.

Nicole Dosso:


Dosso, Nicole. Vornado Trust. New York, NY.


Dosso, Nicole. Innovation of the World Trade Center. Lecture, 2016.

Steven L. Einhorn:


Einhorn, Steven L. Stardog Consulting. Boca Raton, FL.


Einhorn, Steven L. Brick and Timber Regeneration. Interior Design, 1983 Oct, v.54, n.10, p.192-197.

Bruce Fowle:


Fowle, Bruce S. Fox & Fowle Architects. Brooklyn, NY


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Working Drawings:

Fox & Fowle Architects. "175 Water Street: Working Drawings.” 1982.  

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Richard Gluckman:


Gluckman, Richard J. Gluckman Tang Architects. New York, NY.


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Working Drawings:

Environmental Design & Research, P.C, Stack & Associates, Consulting Engineers, P.L.L.C, Gluckman Mayner Architects, John P. Stopen, Engineering Partnership, and V.I.P. Structures. "The Warehouse at 350 West Fayette Street.” New York, NY: Gluckman Mayner Architects, 2005.  

Rich Granoff:


Granoff, Rich. Granoff Architects. Greenwich, CT.

Margaret Griffin:


Griffin, Margaret. Griffin Enright Architects. Los Angeles, CA.


Griffin, Margaret. Towards a New Authenticity. Lecture, 2018.

Robert Halverson:


Halverson, Robert. Portman Architects. Atlanta, GA.

Richard Hayden (Swanke Hayden Connell)


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Working Drawings

Grandjean, G. Ph and Swanke Hayden Connell Architects. "Statue of Liberty Restoration, NY, NY: Working Drawings Swanke, Hayden, Connell Architects.” 1984.  

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D. Rodman Hendered:


Hendered, D. Rodman. CallisonRTKL Associates Inc. Baltimore, MD.


Hendered, D. Rodman. More on Olmstead. Planning (Chicago, III. 1969) Volume 69, issue 10, 1 page. 

Colline Hernandez-Ayala:


Hernandez-Ayala, Colline. GTM Architects. Bethesda, MD.

Katherine M. Hogan


Hogan, Katherine M. Katherine Hogan Architects. Raleigh, NC.


Hogan, Katherine M. Tonic Design. Lecture, Syracuse University, 2019.

Hogan, Kathering M. Working Backwards. Lecture, Syracuse University, 2015.

Hogan, Katherine

King and King:




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Working Drawings:

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Selldorf Architects

Sara Lopergolo:


Lopergolo, Sara. Selldorf Architects. New York, NY


Lopergolo, Sara. Reflections on Collaborative Pursuits. Lecture, Syracuse University, 2018.


Lopergolo, Sara. Connection. Thesis Document, B.ARCH, 1989.

Anna Selldorf:


Selldorf, Anna. Selldorf Architects. New York, NY


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Selldorf, Anna. Selldorf Architects. Monacelli Press, New York, 2009. 176 pages. NA737.S39 A4 2009. $58.95

Will Stattman:


Stattman, Will. Architecture of the Virtual Corpse: National Lifetime Archive. Thesis Document, B.ARCH, 2012.

Notable Alumni Bibliography PDF