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Available Educational Games

Free Ready, Set, Listen GameReady, Set, Listen

This game is designed to help parents and young people talk to each other about underage alcohol use, why it's not smart, and how to prevent it. Roll the dice, move around the board, and draw cards that encourage discussion: "Feelings", "Facts" and "Challenges."

Players: 2-6 People

Time: 30 Minutes

Call Number: HE 20.402: SM 2/KIT/2009

Space Travel Hazards: top of boxSpace Travel Hazards: How to Safely Travel Through Space

The Space Travel Hazards game was developed to help reinforce knowledge of space travel and some of the potential hazards associated with space travel. The object is to get from Earth to Mars and back along one of two pathways to accomplish a successful mission.

Players: 2-4 Players

Time: 45 Minutes

Call Number: NAS 1.2: T 69/2/KIT

What Stands Between Us - StirFry Seminars & ConsultingWhat Stands Between Us: Diversity Conversation Flash Cards

This game/study material consists of diversity- and multicultural awareness-related questions, collected by Lee Mun Wah. On each card is a question that people of color and European Americans have always wanted to ask each other. This material is intended for classrooms and groups who want to start a conversation on diversity, but don't know where to begin or what to ask.


Call Number: LC1099.3 .L39