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Available Strategy Games Betrayal at House on the Hill: Toys & GamesBetrayal at House on the Hill

Your fear will grow with each tile you place as you investigate a house filled with dreadful monsters and deadly secrets. As you brave your way through each unique room, you and the other explorers must rely on each other to survive the horrors that await. But beware: The house will turn one of you against the rest. It will take all of your strengths and skills to defeat the traitor and escape the Betrayal at House on the Hill.

Players: 3-6 People

Time: 30 min-2 hrs

Call Number: GV1295 .B4 G53 2010 Carcassonne Board Game Standard: Toys & GamesCarcassonne

In this strategy game, players place land tiles to develop roads, cities, fields, and cloisters. You and your friends must work to create your kingdom and deploy your new followers as thieves, farmers, knights and monks to score points as you develop the land around your medieval city of Carcassonne. The player with the most points once all the tiles are exhausted is the winner. 

Players: 2-5 People

Time: 30-45 Minutes

Call Number: GV1312 .C37 2014 Castles of Mad King Ludwig: Toys & GamesCastles of Mad King Ludwig

Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a tile laying game where each player is trying to build the perfect castle, subject to the whims of the King. Each player acts as a building contractor, adding rooms to the castle they are building while selling their services to other players. Points are earned based on how well the castle adheres to the ever-changing demands of the King. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Players: 1-4 People

Time: 60-90 Minutes

Call Number: GV1469 .C375 C375 2015

Catan Cover ArtworkCatan: Trade, Build, Settle

Embark on a quest to settle the isle of Catan! Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and cunning development. Use resource combinations -- grain, wool, ore, brick, and lumber -- to buy handy development cards and build roads, settlements, and cities. The player who reaches ten points first wins!

Players: 3-4 People

Time: 60-120 Minutes

Call Number: GV1312 .C83 2015

Catan: 5-6 Player Extension Cover ArtworkCatan: Trade, Build, Settle (Expansion Pack)

(5-6 Player Expansion Pack: Not the full game)

Embark on a quest to settle the isle of Catan! Guide your settlers to victory by clever trading and cunning development. Use resource combinations -- grain, wool, ore, brick, and lumber -- to buy handy development cards and build roads, settlements, and cities. The player who reaches ten points first wins!

Players: 5-6 People

Time: 60-120 Minutes

Call Number: GV1312 .C831 2015 Mayfair Games Caverna: The Cave Farmers: Toys & GamesCaverna: The Cave Farmers

In this game, you take the roles of adventurous dwarfs living reclusively in caves where you dig for ore and rubies and furnish caverns to become living and working areas. You need ore to craft weapons to undertake expeditions in search of adventure and loot. Rublies are a valuable and highly flexible good: you can trade them for other goods and landscape tiles at any time. Outside your caves, you will look after your sustenance by felling trees, raising farm animals and doing some agriculture. At the end of the game, the wealthiest dwarf will win.

Players: 1-7 People

Time: 30-210 Minutes

Call Number: GV1312 .C38 2014

Checkers, Jeu De Dames classic games, Board Games - Amazon CanadaCheckers: Jeu de Dames

A classic game of strategy. Players must advance their tiles diagonally across the board to beat their opponent. The game ends when one players tiles are completely wiped from the board. 

Players: 2 Players

Time: 30 Minutes

Call Number: GV1507 .C5 C53 2015 Dominion: 2nd Edition: Toys & GamesDominion

In this game each player becomes the ruler of small kingdom, but like every monarch your goal is to expand and take more territory under your control. Players must race to claim new land before it falls under the flag of another kingdom. The player with the most victory points at game end wins.

Players: 2-4 Players

Time: 30 Minutes

Call Number: GV1295 .D6 V32 2016

The Game of Go: Get it!Go: A Game of Oriental Strategy

Go is a 2-player abstract strategy game in which players compete to occupy the most space on the board, while surrounding the fewest stones to the other player. At the end of the game, the players count up the open spaces enclosed by their stones and subtract from this the number of their stones captured by their opponent. The player with the higher amount wins the game.

Players: 2 Players

Time: 30-180 Minutes

Call Number: GV1459.5 .G6 1982

Nations | Board Game | BoardGameGeekNations

From the humble beginnings of civilization through the historical ages, mankind has lived, fought and built together in nations. In this game players control the fate of nations from prehistoric times until the beginning of World War I, competing against each other as they balance immediate needs, long-term growth, threats and opportunities.

Players: 1-5 Players

Time: 40-200 Minutes

Call Number: GV1312 .N37 2013

No Stress Chess Board Game : TargetNo Stress Chess

No Stress Chess is a chess board with pieces and a deck of cards displaying how the chess pieces can move. Designed to teach how the pieces moved, in the learning versions of the game, players play cards from their hand of either 3 or 5 cards in order to move the chess pieces on the playing field.

Players: 2 Players

Time: 60 Minutes

Call Number: GV1496 .N6 2016 Orléans Board Game: Toys & GamesOrléans

During the medieval goings-on around Orléans, you must assemble a following of farmers, merchants, knights, monks, etc. to gain supremacy through trade, construction and science in medieval France.

Players: 2-4 Players

Time: 90 Minutes

Call Number: GV1312 .S864 2015 Pandemic: Toys & GamesPandemic

In this game, players collaborate as members of a disease-fighting team combating four deadly diseases. The team travels around the world to stop the infection and develop resources for the cures. Players win by discovering cures for the four diseases, but lose if they do cannot do so fast enough or if they fail to effectively keep the number of infections in check.

Players: 2-4 Players

Time: 45 Minutes

Call Number: GV1469 .P68 2009

Power Grid: Factory Manager | Board Game | BoardGameGeekPower Grid: Factory Manager

Each player owns a factory and tries to earn the most money during the game. To be successful, each player must use his workers to buy the best machines and robots at the market and to run the machines most effectively in his factory. Because of increasing energy prices, the players must be careful to check the energy consumption of their factories and to avoid using only energy-consuming machines. Otherwise, their profit will suddenly vanish, the worst fear of a good businessperson.

Players: 2-5 Players

Time: 60 Minutes

Call Number: GV1312 .P68 2009 Rio Grande Games Puerto Rico Deluxe Multi-colored: Toys & GamesPuerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, players assume the roles of colonial governors on the island of Puerto Rico. Each player uses a separate small board with spaces for city buildings, plantations, and resources. Shared between the players are three ships, a trading house, and a supply of resources and doubloons. The aim of the game is to amass victory points by shipping goods to Europe or by constructing buildings.

Players: 3-5 Players

Time: 90-150 Minutes

Call Number: GV1452 .P84 2000 Harbour Board Game: Toys & GamesHarbour

The busy port of Gullsbottom is made for ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself. In the game you must collect and exchange goods, manipulate the market, and purchase buildings in the harbour. The player who has the most valuable buildings at the end of the game wins!

Players: 1-4 Players

Time: 30-90 Minutes

Call Number: GV1469 .H37 S36 2014

Tikal | Board Game | BoardGameGeekTikal

Each player is the director of an expedition intent on exploring Tikal in search of the secret paths that lead to the temples and precious treasures that have remained hidden for over 1000 years. A player receives points during four scoring rounds for each recovered treasure and for each temple that he controls.

Players: 2-4 Players

Time: 90 Minutes

Call Number: F1465 .T54 2005