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Syracuse University Libraries

Library Research Guide for ENL 213

Introduction to the SU Libraries Website

Syracuse University Libraries offer a wide variety of resources and research support to help you with your course projects. In fact, SU Libraries offers access to more than one billion different resources, so it's really important for you to practice navigating the library website so that you can find the resources to meet you information needs. The SU Libraries' website is a great place for you to begin your research. 

Exploring the Library Website

ACTIVITY: After watching the Research Starting Points video embedded below, please take a few minutes to find and explore the following resources on the SU Libraries' website

  • Summon, our main search tool
  • The homepage for research guides (such as this guide you're looking at now)
  • The list of the more than 700 databases that we offer 
  • The list of subject librarians 
  • Contact information for reaching out to the library for research support 

Additional SU Libraries Resources

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