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ProQuest TDM Studio Guide

Comparison at a Glance: ProQuest Text & Data Mining Platforms at Syracuse University

  TDM Studio Workbenches TDM Studio Visualizations
Access Individuals or research teams request access using the proposal form on the ProQuest TDM Studio Guide.  A maximum of five persons per team.  At least one team member must be a current Syracuse University NETID holding faculty member, enrolled student or currently employed SU staff person. Any and all holders of a valid Syracuse University NETID, with a status of currently enrolled and matriculated student, or currently employed faculty or staff member.
Period of Access for Research (or Teaching Support) Individuals or research teams request access on either a short term (7 day) or long term (30 day) basis.  Renewal of access is available when other researchers have not booked that same timeslot. 24/7, for as long as the researcher's SU NETID and current student or faculty/staff status is valid.
Corpus With some title exceptions, includes the majority of scholarly journals, newspapers, industry and popular magazines, doctoral dissertations and other primary source texts available under current SU subscriptions in ProQuest.  All time periods and publication dates. A defined set of major newspapers, covering primarily the 1990s to present (some titles have deeper historical coverage), based on available subscriptions at SU, including Washington Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune & Chicago Daily Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Globe and Mail, The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, South China Post, Times of India, Boston Globe, The Sun, Hartford Courant, The Tennessean, Baltimore Sun, and Arizona Republic.  Also searches across all doctoral dissertations in the ProQuest collections.
Coding Skills Requires one or more team members with knowledge of either R or Python programming languages for use within TDM Studio's Jupyter Notebook coding environment. No advanced coding skills are required to mine and generate data visualizations.  Employs a graphical user interface and provides pre-built visualizations one can apply to the news content being analyzed, including support of geographical analysis, topic modeling and sentiment analysis.
Storage Limits Each team, or individual if a one-person team, can work on as many as ten (10) dataset projects simultaneously, each consisting of as many as 2 million documents. Each researcher can work on up to a maximum of five projects simultaneously, each consisting of as many as 10,000 documents.
Data Export Limits Rolling seven-day maximum limit of 15mb is available for export outside of the TDM Studio environment.  Please note that the corpus of text remains in the TDM Studio.  Those datasets cannot be exported, only programs, and secondary analysis.

Citation and geographic locations from each specific dataset may be exported.