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Syracuse University Libraries

ProQuest TDM Studio Guide

TDM Studio User Support (from SU Libraries and ProQuest)

For advice and guidance when getting started, contact:

New users of a TDM Studio Workbench will be put into contact with ProQuest support who will meet initially with a TDM Studio research team (or individual) to get started, and will be available to help with questions as needed. 

A 45-minute, live, on-boarding introductory session provided by ProQuest support is required for all first-time users of TDM Studio.

The TDM Studio Visualizations platform is ready to use following registration with one's email address and does not require an on-boarding meeting with ProQuest.

ProQuest has also provided a user guide within the Juypter Notebook platform.

Visit the Digital Humanities or the Research Data Services guide for information about digital scholarship and data analysis generally. Note that the Research Data Services guide includes information about using Python and R.