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WRT 205: Research Tips and Resources: Interdisciplinary Database: ProQuest

Guide for students in Nicole Moss Underwood's WRT 205 class, Spring 2020

Proquest/Interdisciplinary database

Search across all ProQuest platform databases with the Basic Search. You can search All source types or choose to limit your search by a source type such as Scholarly Journals, Videos & Audio, Dissertations & Theses, Books and others that are available through the More menu. Additionally, you can limit your search to items containing Full text from ProQuest and Peer Reviewed items to only find documents reviewed by subject matter experts. If you are only searching a single database directly, you will not see not see the source type selections.

Search Tips are available below the search box and at the bottom of the Basic Search page. Visit the Search Tips and Basic Search Help Documentation for detailed help on working with operators, fields, special characters, operator precedence, stop words, and other platform search tips. You can also visit the ProQuest Platform Search Tips section of this guide to review platform search defaults and tips.

Basic Search

Advanced Proquest search example

In this advanced search the search terms used are Art and Controversy.  Also selected below are under source type are magazines and journals. Under languages English was selected. This will limit your search to these parameters.  

When the query was run, 233,467 results were generated.  You can use the left hand limiters to narrow down your results further. 

Here we use limiters to narrow the results further to 2,862 results by using left hand filters.  

Please check out this short video tutorial to assist you further on advanced Proquest searches