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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

eBooks in our collection

Highlighting eBooks in our collection to promote accessible materials in light of campus closure.


SimplyAnalytics has added COVID-19 data that can be downloaded or mapped within the database.

There are currently 304 data layers to choose from and new data is added daily.

  • “Confirmed cases of COVID-19 by date”
  • “Confirmed cases/100,000 by date”
  • “Deaths from COVID-19 by date”
  • “Death/100,000 by date”

Sign into your free account or continue as a Guest. Once in the database, click the “Location tab” and search for the location you want.

  1. Next, click the “Data tab” and then scroll down and click on the “Health” icon.
  2. Check the COVID-19 box to display the data layers and click on the layers you want to use.
  3. Next, Click the MAP icon in the far righthand column to display your map.
  4. Click on the other three icons in that column to see comparisons, reports and rankings.
  5. Click on the EXPORT button at the top right to download the map, chart or report.


  • The SimplyAnalytics data source for tracking COVID- 19 is the non-profit and non-partisan data service, USAFACTS.  References to COVID 19 data visualization tables are also available at the USAFACTS site
  • Viewing the data in the SimplyAnalytics environment offers an advantage for creating customized maps or data tables, including focus at many levels of desired geographic analysis for selected U.S. states, Nielsen Designated Market Areas (DMAs), Congressional Districts, Counties, Cities, Zip Codes, Census Tracts, Block Groups and Addresses.  Alongside COVID- 19 data, researchers can analyze U.S. Census data categories such as age, race & ethnicity, poverty, income, education and consumer behavior data drawn from Nielsen Scarborough and Easy Analytic Software (EASI) consumer surveys.

Articles, books, and other resources from selected publishers (freely accessible)

U.S. Government Agencies

Search COVID-19 in the search boxes on these Agency websites for news, reports and articles on the coronavirus.