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Syracuse University Libraries

African Studies: Research Collections

African studies is multidisciplinary in scope, and this site covers print and electronic sources on Africa that will be relevant to Syracuse University scholars.

Universities, Research Centers

This is a list of links to museums, institutions of higher education, and other research and foundations concerning African Studies.

  • African Origins
  • Columbia University Institute of African Studies
    "...Columbia University Libraries' research collections on Africa south of the Sahara contain over 100,000 book titles & over 1,700 current serials in history, political science, law, sociology, anthropology, economics, geography, geoscience, literature, ethnomusiciology, and the visual arts..."(About Columbia African Studies)
  • Cornell Africana Studies & Research Center
    "The Africana Studies and Research Center is comprised of nationally and internationally-recognized scholars and educators; socially-conscience intellectuals; and, students representing each of Cornell's undergraduate and graduate schools and colleges..." (Introduction website)
  • Howard University Library
    Offers access to some interesting links to African research websites. See "Search HUL Website, A-Z:". Click on "A-B", then click on "Africa-Libraries/Archives", then, "Africa".
  • Northwestern University Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies
    "...Established in 1954, the Melville J. Herskovits Library of African Studies at Northwestern University is the largest separate Africana collection in existence. Its scope is as wide as the continent of Africa itself; its subject matter ranges from art, history, literature, music, and religion to communications, management, and cooking...(Welcome)
  • Stanford University Center for African Studies - Africa South of the Sahara - Selected Internet Sources
    Compiled by Karen Fung, Curator, African Collections, Stanford University who published a printed version of the guide in 1994. This website updates the 1994 printed version.

Rwanda Youth And Children Testimonies


USF Libraries Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center

Testament of personal experiences of children who lived through the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.