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IVMF Digital Library: Digital Library Terminology

About This Page

This page includes definitions to terminology used in the Digital Library, particularly on the filter page with document types. 

Record Specific Terminology

The Digital Library collections contain a wide variety of resource formats, also known as document types. In this box are the definitions, designated by the IVMF, for the types of documents curated in the repository.


Article (news): A piece written on current events or pertaining to popular items, usually written for/by a news outlet.

Article (opinion): An opinion/editorial which expresses the views of the author/organization it is written for/by.

Article (scholarly): A short published piece written on a subject, usually found in an academic resource like a journal. 

Brief: a short piece (1-5 pages) that applies to policy, research, or other, usually presented in a textual format.

Data Brief: A short piece which contains data alongside descriptive images and language.

Interactive Dashboard: Used in situations where a website is a clickable dataset or other version of concise interactive objects.

Interview: A one on one conversation between an individual and an interviewer.

Guide: How to guides, toolkits, manuals, directions, items indicated as "roapmaps," and anything which provides guidance to the reader.

Landing Page: A type of webpage which either a) has a series anchored on it (ex. The Force Behind the Force) or b) contains context for an external item linked on the page.

Panel: A conversation between a moderator and a group of people on a particular subject.

Presentation: A multi-iterative item (like a slideshow) with images and text used while providing insight on a topic, usually in a prolonged speech.

Press Release: A short write up (usually on a webpage) about an event, opportunity, or person. Often is a "dated" material.

Report: Written items which are more than 5 pages. 

Testimonial: A statement by an individual or a group of individuals testifying to the benefit of the program/person/place.

Virtual Tour: A tour of a building conducted remotely.

Webinar: A seminar or educational program conducted remotely, usually comes with series/related_materials.

Webpage: Any location on the internet which is not the homepage of an organization and doesn't fall under other document_types.

Website: The homepage location of any organization on the internet.

Working Paper: A written piece which indicates its status and/or contains tentative statements including data/analyses.