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IVMF Digital Library: Home

The IVMF's Mission Statement

"To empower service members, veterans, and their families through actionable research, innovative programs, and insightful analytics." 


   Call: 315-443-0141


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   Visit: 101 Waverly Ave


Welcome to the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) Digital Library Guide! The IVMF Digital Library is the primary digital preservation and discovery environment for works created by the IVMF and curation of a select number of external documents. The Digital Library advances research and learning at the IVMF; contributes to the development of new knowledge through the archiving, preservation, and presentation of digital resources; and facilitates discovery of and open access to these resources. 


This guide will provide information related to the IVMF Digital Library, including a guide to using the website, terminology related to the Digital Library and the IVMF, information on current IVMF collections, and FAQs. The guide is broken up into five components: a home page, which provides general information as well as contact information; an about page, which includes information about the Digital Library and how to search; a collections page, which contains information and FAQs for our curated collections; a terminology page, which features definitions essential to the Digital Library and IVMF; and a general FAQ page, which provides answers to the most frequently asked questions related to the IVMF Digital Library.