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HOM 166 Understanding Music 2 (Spring 2022): Home

Guide for HOM 166 essay assignment #2

About this guide

The resources on this guide are split into three categories:

  • Finding Background Information
    The resources in this box can point you to reference materials and other contextualizing sources to get you up to speed on your topic: understanding background and timelines, learning who key players and communities are, and understanding multiple sides of the issue.
  • Finding Books and E-books
    These sources will point you to library resources both in print and electronic.
  • Finding Research Resources
    Research sources in this box focus on scholarly work--research appearing in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and other sources--which documents the research that has been undertaken on your topic. This might include journal articles, e-books, or multimedia sources.
  • Regions, People, and Styles
    Research sources on these pages focus on regional areas and specific references for groups.
  • How to Cite Sources
    This page will direct you to resources on citing sources in APA format.

Finding Background Information

Major reference sources in music are a good place to start your research. Reference articles can be about geographic locations, cultures, styles, genres, specific musicians, musical groups, and instruments. They provide broad coverage at an introductory level, allowing you to become familiar with the terminology and context of your topic.

Also check out the other sections of this guide on different geographic regions/styles for additional subject-specific resources.

Music and Performing Arts Librarian