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WRT 105: Visual Analysis in Photo Archives Assignment (Fall 2017): Home

About this Guide

This guide will get you started exploring images in the library's various electronic resources. One thing that you'll notice is that the images you find here should have plenty of information to help you research and follow up on the contests within which they were made and where they appeared.

If you have questions or would like suggestions for other resources to check, contact Patrick Williams at or use one of the Ask A Librarian options.

Finding Photography in the Libraries' Databases

Capturing Screenshots

If you find images that you can't download for some reason, you can take a screenshot in your operating system (Command+Shift+4 on a mac; Control+Print Screen on a PC) or with a browser plugin or third party app. Make sure to pay attention to where you are getting the image so that you'll have leads for discovering more context about the image. Here are some more screenshot resources: