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SOM 122 - Perspectives of Business and Management (Fall 2017): Evaluating and Citing Sources

Research Guide for the Whitman School of Management Introductory Business Course

Questions you should ask of every source you find


  • What is the publication/creation date?
  • Does this time period meet your information need?
  • When was the last update?
  • Are all the links up-to-date ( for web resources)?


  • Who is the author?  What are her/his credentials?
  • Has the author been cited in other sources?
  • Who is publishing this information (individual, non-profit organization, commercial entity)?


  • Do other sources contain the same information?
  • Is evidence given to support the information?
  • Are other sources cited?
  • Is the site edited, or does it contain typographical errors (for web resources)?


  • Who is the intended audience (students, researchers, trades people, children, adults)?
  • Is this source appropriate for your needs and understanding of the topic?

Point of View (Bias)

  • Does the source present the information from a particular bias or single viewpoint?
  • Does the source contain assumptions not backed by research?
  • Does the sponsoring organization or site have a stake in how information is presented?
  • Does the information contain advertising?

The APA Style

Developed by the American Psychological Association for its own publications, this style has become the standard for works in the social and behavioral sciences.

From the APA website:

APA Formatting Tips

 General APA Format

Reference List: Basic Rules

Additional resources for using APA Style Citations

Print it and Go! APA Crib Sheet: A quick three-page guide with easy-to-read examples of APA style citations

The above links are made available through The OWL at Purdue, an Online Writing Lab created and maintained by the English department at Purdue University

Citation Management Tools

For information on citation management tools such as RefWorks and EndNote Web, see the Citation Management page.

APA Tutorial

A four-part multimedia introduction to the APA style from Harvard:

APA Exposed Title Screen

APA Style Manual In Print

The most complete information about APA style can be found in the official APA Manuals. Copies are available for use at the SU Libraries.