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SciFinder provides access to comprehensive content including substances, Markush and reaction information, patents, documents, experimental and predicted properties, spectra and more.

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About SciFinder

SciFinder is a research discovery tool that provides access to research from many scientific disciplines, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science, and more!

* More than 28 million single- and multi-step reactions, and more than 16 million synthetic preparations
* More than 2 billion predicted and experimental properties
* The CAS REGISTRYSM database - the original source and final authority for CAS Registry Numbers - updated daily
* All patent records, meeting CAS selection criteria, from 9 of the major patent offices are available online within 2 days of the patents' issuance
* Sequences combined from CAS and GenBank databases, which are indexed and linked to scientific journal and patent literature

Finding full text of articles from SciFinder

Finding full text from a SciFinder citation is less than straightforward. From an individual citation, select 'Link to Other Sources'. You should then find options for SULinks or links directly from the publisher. Select the publisher link as a first choice; often this will take you directly to the full text of the article. Contact me if you need help!

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