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Cited Reference Search

How to perform a Cited Reference Search for an author:

  1. Select 'Cited Reference Search' from the Basic Search dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the name (and variants) of the 'Cited Author'.
  3. Add a 'Cited Year' or a range of cited years and then click Search.
  4. After you click Search, you will see references from the citation index that contain the cited author's work.
  5. Select the author's reference(s) from the citation index set.  Hint: Look for cited reference variants (sometimes different pages of the same article are cited or papers are cited incorrectly).
  6. After all relevant reference are selected, click Finish Search.

When you click Finish Search, you will retrieve records of articles that cite the references you selected from the citation index. 

Note: you MUST click Finish Search to retrieve accurate results. Simply adding the citation counts as they appear in step 4 is not valid. 

Read the latest information on cited author searching on the WoS platform before beginning a search.