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Scholarly Impact

Learn how to use various tools to evaluate scholarly output.

Cited Reference Search

How to perform a Cited Reference Search for an author:

  1. Select 'Author search' tab
  2. Enter author's name in the required format (don't select exact matches unless absolutely necessary).
  3. You will get an 'Authors Results' page.  Scopus groups authors by affiliations.  You still need to view each article to make certain you have the correct author and the correct papers (steps 4-6).
  4. Select correct author(s)
  5. Click 'Show documents'
  6. Look through the documents and select the documents correctly attributable to the author.
  7. Select 'View citation overview' - change the date range, if desired.  This data can be saved or downloaded. 

Scopus Author Identifier

Scopus Author Identifier functionality distinguishes authors using a unique number and grouping together all of the documents written by that author. This is especially useful with common names.

To determine which author names should be grouped together under a single identifier number, the Scopus Author Identifier uses an algorithm that matches author names based on their affiliation, address, subject area, source title, dates of publication citations, and co-authors. When you search, this feature returns documents written by that author, even when an author is cited differently.

In many cases (see the example to the right), one author may have more than one Author Identifier number or may be grouped incorrectly.  If this happens, do one of the following: