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New York Times

A Syracuse University Libraries guide to options for students, staff and faculty for access to current and historical New York Times content at Syracuse University.

New York Times - Campus Readership Program at Syracuse University

  • The Campus Readership Program provides the SU community with daily free copies of the New York Times and USA Today print newspapers at dozens of locations around campus

  • Through this program SU students, staff and faculty also have access, using their syr email address, to daily “digital passes” to the online NY Times website and archive

    • Passes give registered readers-viewers 24 hours of unlimited access to and smartphone apps.

    • After that 24 hours expires, that passworded access “seat” becomes available for a new user.

    • NYTimes bases the number of passes available on the average number of copies of the NY Times the campus purchases per day (e.g., well exceeding 300 passworded seats per day)

The program is administered by the SU Student Association and the Office of Student Activities (within the Division of Student Affairs)


 New York Times Newspaper Mastheads
 Pam Thomas/Syracuse University Libraries



New York Times - Digital Subscription Discounts For Individuals

Visit NYT's website for information about discounted rates for individual subscription access to the New York Times - Digital.  Within that site, for specific details regarding discounts applicable to SU students and faculty, visit the subscriptions/subscribe now link pertinent to  "Education Rates." 

Although subject to change, as of October 2016 - New York Times is reporting these "Education Rate" discounts for Basic Digital Access (includes unlimited access to and the NY Times smartphone and tablet apps):

  • Students - $4 delivers four weeks of online access.  Subscription will continue until you cancel.
  • Faculty - $5 for initial four weeks, then $7.50 every four weeks thereafter.  Subscription will continue until you cancel. 

[rates are discounted from NYT's regular, non-education basic digital rate of four weeks at $15]   

When evaluating personal digital subscription options, regarding archival access to NY Times newspaper back issue articles, which date back to 1851 - Syracuse University students, staff and faculty should take note those archival back issues are available (without need for personal subscription) via the SU Libraries subscription to the databases Proquest Historical Newspapers: The New York Times, and via ProQuest.

numbered library newspaper sticks

Michael Pasqualoni, Subject Specialist Librarian for Communications and Public Affairs, Syracuse University Libraries

Quick Links to Databases Containing New York Times articles

These databases offer access to major article content (and sometimes page images) from the current and historical New York Times newspaper - NOT the content presently delivered via the NYT web site (at times identical articles may appear in both places).

Browsing To Specific NYT Back Issues

News databases offer advanced search features where search results can be limited so only New York Times results display.  Proquest databases  - offer user friendly browsing to a back issue(s) of the New York Times newspaper for a specific publication date(s).  See screen shots below.  Click on a screen shot to enter each database.


Once inside ProQuest News & Newspapers database - if wishing to "browse" to specific back issues, instead of searching keywords, click on the publications link to browse to a specifically dated New York Times newspaper back issue(s). 1851-current

ProQuest News and Newspapers Database Interface


Once inside Proquest Historical Newspapers - The New York Times database - click on the publications link to browse to a specifically dated NYT newspaper back issue(s). 1851-to within 3 to 4 years of the current date.  See also Proquest Digitized Newspapers:  The New York Times for page imaged coverage from 2008 thru to within 3 months of the current date.


ProQuest Screenshot


Search the Library's Catalog for Newspaper Titles


More Newspaper Databases

Want to explore other SU Libraries news databases? Visit the Library's: