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SOC 300 - New York City in the 21st Century (Fall 2017): Links to New York City

Brian Lehrer

RSS Feeds for the Brian Lehrer show on WNCY.  Included in these feeds are his "Anecdotal Census Series".  To get to the shows within this series specifically, try the website:

 Brian Lehrer Show

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New York City Community Links


New York City - A City of Neighborhoods - Maps

New York City Community Affairs Unit

New York City Community Districts Profiles

New York City Department of Aging

New York City Department of City Planning

New York City Department of Transportation


New York City Police Department - Crime Statistics


New York Times - "Living In" - Real Estate Section

Red Hook Initiative


New York City Statistical Data

New York City
Search for MAPS on GIS in the "Search" search box for the best results.

New York City Community Districts Profiles


New York City - A City of Neighborhoods - Maps


NY City - Oasis Project
Interactive GIS mapping tool with data for New York City

NY City - NYCityMap

NY City - NYC Data Mine

NYC - Zola

NY City - Bytes of the Big Apple

Other Statistics on New York State:

New York State Facts

New York State Data Center

Program on Applied Demographics (PAD)

Hurricane Sandy Information

It is quite a paradox, while New York City and New Jersey were hardest hit by the Hurricane that some argue is a result of the evolving global warmth trends, New York City is one of the first cities in the nation to begin studies on the effects of climate change to it's infrastructure and services.

This page offers links to papers, maps, or documents on climate change or the effects of Hurricane Sandy on New York City.

New York City Dept. of Environmental Protection, Climate Change Program
Assessment and Action plan, 2008

New York City Panel on Climate Change
Climate Risk Information - 2009

Columbia University - Earth Institute - State of the Planet
The Science and Lessons of Hurricane Sandy


Maps - as of Oct. 29th, 2012
Evacuation Map

Google Crisis Map, Sandy, New York City

Con Edison, Power Outage updates

FEMA Flood Maps for New York Counties


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