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Newhouse School of Public Communications - Guide to Resources @ Syracuse University Libraries

SU Libraries' recommended research starting points for Newhouse School students and faculty


SU Libraries supports all departments and programs in the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications.  In addition to visiting sources under links appearing in the menu bar of this guide, you can contact the Special Collections Research Center for information related to the history of radio & television.

  Communications Database BEST BET

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Communication Source  is a primary collection of articles and other references to published literature in all sub-disciplines of public communications, including advertising.  Covers articles from scholarly peer-reviewed journals, as well as trade journals and other periodicals in additional related fields such as media studies, broadcasting, public relations, journalism, linguistics, rhetoric and more.  This database merges together two previously named resources, formerly known as "communication & mass media complete" (ebsco) and "comabstracts" (sage). 



Libraries at research universities like Syracuse University offer what can seem an overwhelming array of research starting points.  In addition to other resources and database links appearing on this subject guide, consider reviewing one or more of the following SU Libraries orientation materials.  The SU Libraries Orientation Worksheet (PDF) worksheet is targeted to Newhouse students -

Better yet - visit this COM100 subject guide designed specifically with COM100/COM107 in mind.

SU Libraries "Locations" Website

SU Libraries "Spaces & Places" Web Site
see especially the sub-link to "study spaces" for info about reservable "team rooms with technology" at Bird Library

New at SU/SU Libraries since 2015-2016

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Help With Citing?

Need help on formatting the sources you cite in your academic writing (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.) or want access to a full-fledged online bibliographic management system-like "RefWorks or EndNote Web or Zotero?"  Visit the SU Libraries Citation Support website.

A P Associated Press
For stylistic guidelines for journalists particularly -SU Libraries also offers from Associated Press the AP Stylebook Online.

In the Reference Collection at Bird Library

Syracuse University Copyright Portal

SU Copyright Portal:  Provides educational information to the Syracuse University community about copyright and other laws, policies, and regulations that govern information creation, use, retention and adaptation for scholarly purposes. The Portal also provides guidance and direction to the University community on issues such as:

  • Authorship and protection of scholarship
  • Copyright ownership, including its rights and obligations
  • Limitations and exceptions, such as fair use
  • Licensing of electronic resources and media
  • Use of copyrighted works

All the Portal’s information is educational. None of the Portal’s information is, or should be considered to be, legal advice.