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Syracuse University Libraries

IRP/PSC 400 - War & Peace in the Nuclear Age (Fall 2017)

A library research starting points guide for students enrolled in Prof D'Amico's IRP/PSC 400 course

Browse Circulating Books

Looking for circulating books on International Relations?  Call numbers for such books often begin with JX or with JZ (4th floor, Bird Library).  In some instances, you may also identify book titles on military or naval sciences, which are shelved at the Carnegie Library

 Search the Library's main search engine, SUMMON , or alternatively, the  Classic Catalog to identify relevant titles.
Volume of SUMMON search results lists tend to be  sizable.  Following your search query, consider narrowing that list by applying post search result refinements available at the left margin of those results lists (especially - refining by desirable "content types"..such as "journal article" or "book/ebook" or "reference" or "data set" and/or refine by specific desired "publication dates" or publication date ranges).
  • SUMMON:  A search engine for most of the Syracuse University Libraries' collections and other resources beyond the SU Libraries.  Includes articles, books, journals, maps, sound recordings, archival materials, government documents, and more.  Use for searching for articles.  Narrow or expand results using multiple search refinements.
  • Classic Catalog:  A list of print and electronic materials available in the Syracuse University Libraries.  Includes books, journals, maps, sound recordings, archival materials, government documents and more.  Search by keyword, author, title, subject heading, or call number.

Electronic Reference Books via Databases & SUMMON

For more possible online general reference books of interest, search the CREDOreference or Oxford Reference Online databases.

OR search key words or phrases of interest using SUMMON's advanced search screen (making sure to select the category of "reference" from the "content type" menu prior to entering your search;  Alternatively, after a SUMMON search is entered, you can apply a content type refinement entitled "reference" then as well.  Refinement options appear at the left margin of SUMMON search results screens).  Be sure to click on the "more" link to view all options.

Specific Online Reference Book Titles

Palgrave MacMillan Dictionary of Diplomacy [Credo]
Defines the specialized terminology of diplomacy and also includes entries on legal terms, political events, international organizations and major figures who have occupied the diplomatic scene or have written influentially about it over the last half millennium.  

Europa World [Taylor & Francis]
Full text online version of Europa World Year Book, reference book for political and economic information in over 250 countries and territories. Also covers numerous international organizations and features a search engine for generating comparative multinational statistics. 

Oxford Companion to the Politics of the World [Oxford University Press]
Provides articles on the people, concepts, and events that have shaped the world. Includes essays on critical issues written by influential figures.

    Global Foresight Books

 A globe

Global Foresight Books project

A unique profiling service, describing new and forthcoming book titles published in various areas of current affairs.  Subject categories for the book titles profiled are highly interdisciplinary and include topics such as world futures, nuclear weapons, economic development, security, water, energy, cities, health, communication and more.  The project was launched in 2009 by Michael Marien, founder and editor of Future Survey, published by the World Future Society between 1979-2008.  Marien earned his PhD in social science and national planning studies from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University


  • Search either the SUMMON search engine OR use a title search in the Library's Classic Catalog to see if the books profiled here are available at SU.  Alternatively, if not available, consider requesting one or more via Interlibrary Loan. 
  • Mr. Marien, a Maxwell School alum, has definitely profiled subjects and book titles pertinent to topics covered in IRP/PSC400. 
  • From this website's home page, click on the "subjects" link and the click on "N" to browse "Nuclear" related topics and book titles.
  • Faculty or students are also welcome to recommend Library purchase for titles of particular interest by
    emailing Political Science Librarian, Michael Pasqualoni, at