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ETS 320: Hollywood Directors of the 1950s (Spring 2018): Home

About this guide

This guide was created to help you find primary sources for your second paper, the Reputation Study. On this guide you will find databases which contain popular film magazines, Hollywood trade journals, newspapers, and other sources. Also included are links to individual journals and magazines in which you might search for articles to see how your chosen celebrity was treated in that source over time.

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Film & Television Magazines & Journals

Popular Titles Covering Film & Television

To find other publications, search the Libraries' journal holdings by title to find 1950s issues available electronically.

You can also search a limited number of 1950s magazine titles in the Internet Archive's Magazine Rack. Pay special attention to the dates on the material you're using.

Trailers, Posters, & Marketing Materials

Film Trailer Resources

  • Turner Classic Movies has an online collection of trailers for the films played on the channel. Pay special attention to make sure you are viewing the "Original Trailer"-- TCM also contains re-issued and video-release trailers, which may differ significantly from the original.
  • Apple Trailers Apple hosts trailers for a variety of films, many in HD, browsable by genre.
  • Coming Soon provides access to numerous film trailers, organized alphabetically, with an emphasis on more recent titles.
  • Movie List provides access to a wide variety of new and older film trailers-- browse the archive for older titles.
  • Reel Classics provides downloadable access to movie trailers and clips for films dating as far back as 1920. Select AV Gallery to explore.
  • Jaman features trailers for many international titles, but does not include materials pre-1960.

Advertisements in the Industry & Popular Media

Film Posters

Popular Periodicals in Print

These periodicals are available in our print collections, but are housed in the Facility or the Warehouse. You can these request form to have volumes brought to Bird, or Articles to Go to request individual articles. To find additional print periodicals from the period, do a search for "Journal Title" in the Classic Catalog.