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Print Indexes

International Index to Periodicals    v.3 (1920/1923)-v.13 (1952/1955)  

Call number:  AI 3  R49   2nd floor Bird Library

                This is more scholarly than Readers Guide 

                Previous title:  Readers Guide Supplement 1907-1923  

                Call number:  AI 3  R49   2nd floor Bird Library

Headings  -  Different terminology may have been used in the past.  e. g. dormitories vs. residence halls

   --Colleges and Universities



Index to Periodical Articles By and About Blacks. 1960-1998   

Call number  AI 3 O 371 2nd floor Bird Library

Heading – Universities  & Colleges


Poole's Index to Periodical Literature   1802 – 1906  

Call number  AI 3 P7 2nd floor Bird Library

 Headings: -- Universities

                  -- College

College Student Personnel Abstracts  1965-1984

Call number: LB 2343 . C65  4th floor Bird Library


Newspaper indexes  in print

The Times Index    Call number AI 21 T46 2nd Floor Bird Library

Washington Post Index    Call number AI 21 W33 W36  2nd floor Bird Library


This is a selective list of print and online books related to the history of higher education.

Call Numbers for Higher Education

Call numbers – selected areas that focus on higher education

LA  History of education

LA173-186  History of education – Higher education

LB 2300-2430 Theory and practice of education -- Higher education

LC 165-182  Higher education and the state

LH   College and school magazines and papers

LJ  Fraternities and Sororities

Book and journals in these call number ranges are shelved on the 4th floor of Bird Library.