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Ebooks - A Summary of Multi-User Ebook Options: Home

A summary of multi-user ebook options.

Selected ebook subscription resources in Syracuse University Libraries (SUL) collections

A few preliminary notes:

  • Additional subscription ebook collections on a wide range of subject areas are listed on the E-book Publisher Collections page.  There are a number of individual ebook titles in the Libraries' collections as well.
  • Many of the titles in these collections are indexed in Summon or the Libraries' catalog, in addition to being searchable on the publisher's or provider's site.  If you need assistance finding a specific title, please contact Tasha Cooper.
  • Multi-user refers to unlimited numbers of simultaneous users. There may be a few exceptions and more limited use for titles in some collections.  If you or your students find that use of a particular title is limited, please contact Tasha Cooper.
  • SU Libraries also provides access to a number of streaming video sources.
  • Systematic downloading or harvesting of content is prohibited by product licensing and SU Libraries' Policy on Access to Licensed Web Resources.

Ebook Collections

Selected Video Sources

Additional access information

Connection problems:  Students enrolled in online classes who have NetIDs and who are having problems connecting to subscription resources should refer to the Remote Access to Online Resources page, including the troubleshooting and problem reporting form.

Student who do not have NetIDs do not have access to licensed resources; please see SU Libraries’ policy on Access to Licensed Web Resources.  

Students in the WISE consortium may have access to needed resources at their local institutions. If faculty or students involved with WISE need assistance identifying those resources, please feel free to contact Tasha Cooper.

Reserves:  Information about placing items on reserve is on the Faculty Course Reserves page. This page also includes a link to information about Adding Academic Cntent to Blackboard.

Multi-disciplinary and specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. licensed by SU Libraries include:

Freely available ebook collections include:


Feedback regarding any of the resources listed on this page is welcome.

Contact information for Tasha Cooper, Subject Specialist for Information Studies; Bibliographer for Education, Information Studies, Public Communications: