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Ceramics: Getting Started

Ceramics Department

The 12,500-square-foot ceramics facility is housed in the Comstock Art Facility (ComArt), which is also home to programs in fiber and textile arts, jewelry and metalsmithing, printmaking, and sculpture. The total graduate population at ComArt is approximately 25 students, with four M.F.A. candidates currently concentrating in ceramics (all four of these candidates received assistantships with stipends).

Ceramic art has deep roots in the Syracuse community. Boasting an extraordinary collection of 19th- and 20th-century American ceramics, the Everson Museum in Syracuse has hosted the premier exhibition of American ceramic art since the 1930s: The Ceramic National.

The ceramics program has an active and varied visiting artist program, a history of curating exhibitions, and an expectation for its graduates of participation in the field on the national and international levels.

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Work and thoughts by Professor David MacDonald

The nature of the art experience for me is one of self-discovery and communication. In one sense, it is a very private and personal journey in search of order, reason, reality and beauty. In another sense, it is a very public act in the attempt to express and share, with others, my realizations and discoveries-Professor MacDonald


David MacDonald

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