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ADV 615 - Creative Brain (Spring 2018)

A research starting points guide for ADV 615

Newly Added at Syracuse University (as of 2018)

  Advertising Images & Case Studies

Most of these SU Libraries databases contain content that is primarily audiovisual.  "World Advertising Research Center" is also an excellent source for written advertising case studies:


Adforum database

  • Adforum Explore the world of U.S. and international advertising via the Adforum database. An online audiovisual library of more than 120,000 advertisements (1999-present), including Television ads, Digital/Web ads, Social Media ads, Print (Magazine & Newspaper) ads, Radio ads, and various other forms of “Out of Home” advertising like billboards, posters and vehicle mounted images. Content originates from over 20,000 advertising agencies in dozens of countries.  Award winning advertising can also be retrieved by award name and year (e.g., Clio, Effie, One Show, etc). 

  • Ads of the World  Media Bistro's collections of international advertising examples.  Sort results by media type, country or industry.
  • AP Images Classic photos and some audio clips from the “Associated Press” news services, 1850 to present; mostly post 1900.

  • PressReader {Proquest} - Vivid full color image versions of selected U.S. and international newspapers.  over 5,000 local, regional and international newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries in 60 languages, displayed in their original format and accessible by country, language, or title.  Maintains a 60 to 90 day rolling archive for most titles.  For some titles/articles, the audio "interactive radio" feature will read that article content aloud, in the original language.  
  • WARC (World Advertising Research Center) contains over 25,000 articles, case studies, research reports and summaries, exclusively devoted to advertising, brand strategy, strategic planning for advertising, consumers and more. Use the top margin menu choices and subsequent left margin links to explore this invaluable database.

  Award Winning Ads @ Bird Library & Online


Cannes Lion Grand Prix Award Statue

Use the SU Libraries Classic Catalog (including the Catalog’s "format" menu - and select "video") to identify DVD/VHS compilations of award winning commercials (e.g., Clio award winners; Cannes Lions winners; Gunn Report Show reels, The One Show, etc.) or video documentaries about the advertising industry.'s a list of some specific titles (request DVD/VHS viewing at 3rd floor service desk, Bird Library)

Cannes Lions:
2013: Video DVD 17906

2012: Video DVD 17212

2011: Video DVD 16493

2010:  Video DVD 15729

2009: Video DVD 15213

2008: Video DVD 14257

2007: Video DVD 13258


Gunn Report:
2004-2014: Video DVD 12270

2003: Videocassette 11923

The One Show:
2010:  Video DVD 16722

2009:  Video DVD 16721

2008: Video DVD 15052

2007: Video DVD 13431

Clio Awards:
2010:  Video DVD 16514

50th Anniversary Clio Awards (2009):  Video DVD 15726

49th Clio Awards (2008): Video DVD 14562

48th Clio Awards (2007): Video DVD 13373

47th Clio Awards (2006): Video DVD 12660

46th Clio Awards (2005): Video DVD 12487

45th Clio Awards (2004): Video DVD 12488

44th Clio Awards (2003): Video DVD 11045

43rd Clio Awards (2002): Videocassette 10343

42nd Clio Awards (2001): Videocassette 9834

Clio Awards, 40th Anniversary Reel (2000): Videocassette 8727

1999 Clio Awards: Videocassette 8707

D&AD Awards:
Current and past winners are viewable online

Effie Awards:
Offers collections of advertising case study descriptions.  Full access, including video - requires a subscription
*ACCESS NOTE:  Effie Award winners are included in the SU Libraries subscription to the WARC database (World Advertising Research Center)


SU Libraries also maintains “One Show” award book volumes; some include CDs.  "One Show" (call number:  NC 1001.5 )53) and "Art Directors Club" (call numbers: NC 997 A1 A69 || NC 997 A1 A692) print volumes for those design competitions, 1950s and after, are shelved in the (non-circulating) general reference collection, 2nd floor of Bird Library.  For current shelving locations covering all years (including multiple pre 1950s volumes housed at the Library's offsite storage facility), enter a "title" search for "one show" into the Library's Classic Catalog


Students interested in advertising awards may wish to visit the websites listed below.  Sometimes access to  content may require individual subscription.  But see also SU Libraries subscription to the WARC database (World Advertising Research Center).   Additionally, in many cases SU Libraries has in its collection historical awards DVDs that represent some of these competitions.  Search the SU Libraries Classic Catalog for the name of the awards series you are interested in (e.g., "Clio") and/or, use the Catalog's advanced search page to limit your results to "Video" using the "format" pull down menu:

SU Libraries also offers the DVD: Advertising Video Gallery 2009 (DVD 13756, 3rd Floor, Bird Library) - A compilation of short lectures on advertising strategies along with excerpts from memorable commercials.

Adviews - DMB&B Archive (Duke University Libraries)

Adviews Digital Advertising Collection - Duke University Libraries

Adviews:   AdViews digital collection provides access to thousands of historic commercials created for clients or acquired by the D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles (DMB&B) advertising agency or its predecessor during the 1950s - 1980s. All of the commercials held in the DMB&B Archives will be digitized, allowing students and researchers access to a wide range of vintage brand advertising from the first four decades of mainstream commercial television.

AdViews is a collaborative project between Duke's Digital Collections Program and the Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History, as well as a number of other groups, at Duke University.

See also - Ad*AccessFrom Duke University's J. Walter Thompson archival collections, examples of over 7000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955.

Advertising in Fact & Fiction

Two specific examples of fictional and non-fictional portrayals of the advertising industry available on DVD at Bird Library

Art & Copy - 2009 documentary by director Doug Pray on some of more well known creative personalities and creative work in the advertising industry in recent years.

How to Get Ahead in Advertising - 1988 satirical feature film by director Bruce Robinson exploring the life of fictional British advertising executive Denis Bagley (portrayed by Richard E Grant) who falls into personal and professional crisis when a mysterious giant pimple on his neck starts making career decisions for him.  You can view the movie trailer on YouTube.

Video Collections at SU Libraries

For more information about video visit SU Libraries -  video and music website.

Notable Magazine Titles


 adweek magazine cover

A cross-section of current periodical titles available for browsing on the 2nd floor, current periodicals section of Bird Library or at the current periodicals section of the Carnegie Library.

* = indicates a title of particular interest to the advertising and design professions.  Additional general interest magazines listed may be desired because of advertising they contain:

Notable Magazine Titles
A to H L to W
  • *Adage
  • Adbusters
  • *Admap
  • *Adweek
  • Billboard
  • Bitch
  • British Journal of Photography (Carnegie Library)
  • *Broadcasting & Cable
  • Call Sheet
  • *Communication Arts
  • *Contagious 
  • Downbeat
  • Elle
  • Emmy
  • *Entertainment Weekly
  • ESPN
  • Esquire
  • Femina
  • Fortune
  • GQ
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Harper's Bazaar
  • HFN
  • *Lurzer's International Archive: Advertising Worldwide
  • Latina
  • Modern Drummer
  • Mother Jones
  • Ms.
  • The Nation
  • National Review
  • New York
  • New Yorker
  • Parents
  • Paris Match
  • Rolling Stone
  • Runner's World
  • Saturday Evening Post
  • Spectator
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Time
  • Travel & Leisure
  • UOMO
  • Vanity Fair
  • *Variety
  • Vogue (British, Italia and U.S. editions)
  • W (Carnegie Library)

  Find a Magazine Title @ Bird Library


Contagious Magazine - Cover Image

To identify whether SU Libraries has a specific magazine (i.e., journal) title in its print or online collection, you can:

  • (For titles available online) Enter the magazine title into the Library's journal locator (a list of print and electronic journals, magazines and newspapers available through the Syracuse University Libraries.  Search or browse by title, ISSN, or subject category)  OR
  • Enter the magazine title into the Library's Classic Catalog (using a 'journal title' search.  A list of print and electronic materials available in the Syracuse University Libraries.  Includes books, journals, maps, sound recordings, archival materials, government documents and more.) OR 
  • (For browsing titles in print format) Browse titles alphabetically in the current periodicals area of Bird Library, 2nd Floor