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IST 605 (2U): Reference and Information Literacy Services: Evaluating Databases

A guide to support content discussed by Natasha Cooper/Brenna Helmstutler in the Week 5 & 6 online sessions.

Resource Review

Exploring a Journal

  • Title:
  • Publisher:
  • Content:
  • Audience:
  • Information for authors:
  • Subscription information:
  • Additional information: Ulrichsweb (on SU Libraries’ Databases list) or Journal Whitelist.

Getting to Know a Resource

  • Product name:
  • Publisher/vendor:
  • Product description/range of subjects:
  • Type of content (journal articles? books? video? images? data?):
  • Size of database (number of journals indexed; books; videos; or other content):
  • Years of coverage – earliest?  Current?
  • Special features:
  • Search tips/symbols/operators for this database (and availability of HELP to find them):
  • Acquisitions/collections/technical factors, such as licensing; access models (including digital rights); multi-user simultaneous use; and more
  • Other factors to consider:

Selecting Databases Criteria

We are focusing primarily on:



  • All Subjects: Advertising; Business & Entrepreneurship; Library & Information Science; Statistics & Data and more
  • All Database Types: Audio; Ebook Publisher collection; Images; Maps and more
  • All Vendors/Providers: Academic Rights Press; Emerald; WWD and more
  • Search for Databases box (use full word or truncationAlphabetical list
  • If you select one category, click Clear filters before moving to a different category



Examples of Content Types