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ADV 425 - Integrated Advertising Campaigns (Spring 2018)

An SU Libraries research starting points guide for students enrolled in ADV 425

Simmons OneView - Start Here

A specific set of Simmons Oneview study data available here called "Simmons Connect" provides metrics of reach, time spent and activity involving consumer interaction with online and mobile technologies.

Some additional notes regarding the Simmons Oneview database:

  • The SU Libraries subscription has a fifty (50) simultaneous user limit.
  • SU  NETID login is required to access this content (especially for access from off-campus locations).
  • If when clicking into the database, you receive a compromised webpage security message, click your way thru that by clicking “yes.”..and/or “add exception” – depending on the message you see.

Downtimes:  Simmons software upgrades occur on Wednesdays - 9 PM ET - access restored as soon as possible, but Simmons reserves right to keep the system offline until 6 a.m. ET the following Thursday morning; System maintenance is also performed the first Saturday of each month between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET.

  • In addition to help appearing on this SU Libraries subject guide, Simmons OneView questions can also be directed to Public Communications Subject Librarian, Michael Pasqualoni (315) 443-3715

Simmons OneView Training

See below for links to Simmons OneView User Guides (current as of 2018).

See also the excellent YouTube overviews on Searching Simmons OneView (prepared by the Library at University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire and several prepared by Newhouse Advertising Professor Beth Egan)

Video Tutorials - Searching Simmons OneView

"Searching Simmons OneView," Created by McIntyre Library - University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire.{disregard verbal references specific only to U of Wisconsin, Eau Claire}

..For example, here's Prof Egan's tutorial on Simmons Quick Reports

Citing Simmons OneView

This example assumes one has retrieved data or otherwise built a cross-tabulation using Simmons' adult survey (NHCS)

  • Simmons Research LLC (2010).  Fall 2010 NHCS Adult Study 12 Month [Data File].  Retrieved from Simmons OneView Database.

*Edit your citation accordingly to indicate the survey year one has actually used and/or to reflect instances when the data or cross tabulation comes from a survey (i.e., study) within Simmons of those other than adults (such as the “kids” or “teens” studies).  For example:

  • Simmons Research LLC (2009).  Fall 2009 NCS Kids Study 12 Month [Data File]. Retrieved from Simmons OneView Database.
  • Simmons Research LLC (2010).  Fall 2010 NCS Teens Study 12 Month [Data File].  Retrieved from Simmons OneView Database

Simmons OneView - User Guidelines

Important information for faculty and students about Oneview: 

  • Access to Simmons Oneview via SU Libraries does not require a dedicated Oneview password
  • The subscription is limited to 50 simultaneous users
  • The 51st person should receive a message letting him/her know that he/she needs to try later
  • In order to allow access for all users, please logout of Oneview when you finish using it
  • You will be automatically logged out by the system after a seven minute period of inactivity

Because there are a limited number of simultaneous users, please do not wait until the last minute to start any assignment requiring OneView access!

Simmons OneView - Consumer Survey Data


Simmons OneView


Simmons OneView allows a researcher to create powerful cross-tabulated analysis of consumer survey data, comparing specific demographic categories for U.S. consumers to an enormous array of possible brand preferences, product category preferences and media reading/listening/viewing habits.    

Simmons Oneview's most up to date user guide and other tutorials are available under the "resources" link once you have logged into this database

Resources Page Within Simmons OneView Database

Simmons OneView Navigation