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Syracuse University Libraries

Human Development & Family Science

Tips to help modify your search

No hits?

  • Check Spelling
  • Vocabulary – do you need different terms to apply to the databases?
  • Are you in the right database?
  • Nothing out there…it’s possible you have discovered an area that needs more research

Too few hits?  Consider using…

  • Broader terms
  • more synonyms
  • fewer concepts
  • fewer "ands"
  • adjusting date range

Too many hits?

  • Decrease synonyms
  • Increase "ands" or phrases
  • Use specific search fields from the drop down arrows found to the right or left of a search box. Try “major heading” or “subject”
  • Apply limits or filters like date ranges or publication types (play to see what gives you the best result)
  • put phrases (two or more words you'd like searched next to each other) in quotes (ex: "family science")