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Research Data Services: REDCap

Online Research Tools

Researchers may find the following tools useful in their work. Emphasis is given to free (or at least having free components) and online tools or services.

Data Management Planning:

  • DMPTool - The DMPTool provides a step-by-step interface for creating a Data Management Plan for NSF, NIH and many other funding agencies.

Electronic Lab Notebooks:

  • Electronic Lab Notebooks - Guide for prospective users; Information for researchers who are interested in adopting an Electronic Lab Notebook system for documenting research and managing data.
  • Open Science Framework - Interdisciplinary research project management and collaboration platform. Works with other services such as Figshare, Google Drive and Mendeley.
  • RSpace - An ELN for researchers to organize, manage and collaborate on their projects.
  • Hivebench - Biology-focused experiment, lab and project management.
  • ELM - Lab and project management system, collaboration, reference management.
  • Docollab - Project management system, collaboration.
  • Benchling - Life Sciences focused experiment, lab and project management.

Data Analysis/Visualization:

  • TableauPublic - Free version of their desktop and online data visualization platform. All data uploaded to TableauPublic is available to everyone on the Internet. The paid versions allow restricted access.
  • StatCrunch - Simple online data analysis and survey package.
  • Open HeatMap - Use spreadsheets from excel or Google to create maps and publish on the web.
  • Dataviz - Data visualization for time, geographic and comparative data.
  • OpenRefine - Data cleaning and exploration tool.

Directory of digital research tools:


REDCap is n online application for building and deploying databases and surveys. REDCap is available to all Syracuse University students, faculty and staff. REDCap can be accessed at

REDCap uses a two-step verification process to login. One method is to have a temporary verification code emailed to you each time you login. The other is to use the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. Google authenticator is available for free through the iTunes and Google Play stores. We have an instruction sheet for setting up your REDCap account, courtesy of ITS. We also have instructions for backing up and restoring your REDCap projects, also courtesy of ITS.

REDCap has several training videos available from the Help link in REDCap. There is also the REDCap Community Website with several discussion groups. Other REDCap users and administrators have shared their training materials as well. The University of Colorado at Denver has several REDCap tutorial videos.

For questions regarding accessing or using REDCap, you can also contact Research Data Services at