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Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology Resources: GIS - Geographic Information Systems

What is GIS

Geographic Information Systems

GIS consists of hardware, software and data working together to display multiple layers of vector, raster, and data files simultaneously to understand and visually solve geographical problems and provide new insights into answering questions about the human and natural world we inhabit.

Critical Thinking Skills

Here are the first 5 steps down the path to knowledge

  1. First step: admitting you don’t know everything.
  2. Second: wanting to know more.
  3. Third step: learning how to search for information.
  4. Fourth step: learning what’s available.
  5. Fifth step: determining what’s relevant and what’s not.

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Esri's Virtual Campus has completely changed. It has been replaced by Esri's Self-Paced E-Learning website 

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Pro are now part of the SU site license.

Contact the Maps/GIS Librarian for more information.

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