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Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology Resources: Finding Cited References

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The information on this page will assist you find "cited references" for various databases.


Citation Analysis

Use the Scholarly Impact Guide to learn the recommended methods for calculating a citation analysis.

How to Find Cited References for Various Database - a printable guide

Please click on this pdf for a printable copy of the information on this page.

How to find Cited References

EBSCO Databases

Includes Education Source, PsycINFO, PsycARTICLE, and other databases.  Note: Some databases do not provide this search capability.

1.  1.       Use the blue toolbar in the EBSCO database to get to the Cited References Search Screen.


EBSCO Cited References index link

 EBSCO Cited References

2. Put the author name or title in the search boxes.

EBSCO Cited References author search


1.      3.   A list of articles appears.

2.      4.   Select the one of interest.  Then click on Find Cited Articles.

EBSCO Cited References author search Results

6.  This is the results screen for the 3 articles that cite, "Freedom, Constraint, and Family Responsibility....".

EBSCO Cited References Results

For more information see the Cited Reference Help from the EBSCO page:   Scroll to Browsing in the left column, then select Cited References.



ProQuest Databases

Includes ERIC, ProQuest Central, Dissertations and Theses Global, and many others

Links for both other articles citing the work, as well as the list of reference in the given work are provided.

ProQuest cited references

 ProQuest  references link



1.  Author search for Amy L Best in the standard format.

2. Select the author from the resulting list.


 Scopus Author Search


3.  Select the article of interest.  The link “ View citations" will give a list of articles that cite this paper.

Scopus cited references

4.  From the above Scopus Screen, click on the article title to get article information, as well as links to articles citing the paper and list of documents that share the same references (Related documents).

Scopus cited references results

 Scopus cited references

For more information on finding cited references in Scopus, please view the Scopus Tutorial at:




When you find a relevant article in JSTOR the right column will give links to references.   It also links to Cited References and Related Items from Google Scholar.

Jstor cited references



For more information on JSTOR see:



Google Scholar


1.  Google Scholar is useful for author searches or for searching for a specific item. 

2.  Google Scholar makes finding cited references easy – especially for books.

google scholar cited references
 google scholar cited references



Web of Knowledge

Web of Knowledge/Web of Science offers excellent Cited Reference Searching.   Enter author name in standard format.  Add citation information if you have it.


1.  Enter author name in standard format.  Add citation information if you have it.

WOS article search


2. Click on the title of the article of interest.

WOS article search

3. Cited References are in the top of the Right Column:  "Times Cited".   (The "Cited References" in the bottom of the right column is actually the list of references given in the article.)

4. In the lower part of the screenshot is the list of the 7 Cited References

WOS cited references