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Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Submitting ETDs

Submitting your dissertation/thesis

All dissertation and thesis candidates must submit their dissertations and/or thesis through the UMI ETD website. You are encouraged to review the Syracuse University UMI ETD website prior to submitting your work in an effort to understand what is involved in preparing and submitting an electronic dissertation and/or thesis. You can establish a login and password at the Proquest submission site, however, submit only your final, approved dissertation/thesis.

Please pay attention  to the SUrface section during submission.  SUrface is SU’s institutional digital repository, which offers students a way to submit their dissertation and/or thesis via open access without charge.  Below are the instructions for SUrface which you will see at the beginning of your submission process:

When you are selecting your publishing options you will be presented with information regarding the Proquest/UMI Agreement and the University Agreement regarding SUrface. Due to limitations of this site you must select that you agree to the University Agreement. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOUR DISSERTATION/THESIS WILL BE PUT INTO SUrface.

In the publishing options screen, you will be asked to answer the question below. Your response to this question will indicate your preference for your work to be accessed (or not) in SUrface.

Access options for my school's institutional repository (IR)

Please select the option that best reflects your preference for having your work available through Open Access via SUrface (Syracuse University's institutional repository). *

  • No Delay. Release my work to SUrface as soon as it is published
  • Delay release for 6 months
  • Delay release for 1 year
  • Delay release for 2 years
  • NEVER Release my work to SUrface

*The website has a default “none of the above” option, please do not select this option. You must select from the above list.

Note that the descriptive information (metadata) and abstract will be included in SUrface for all dissertations regardless of your decision on embargoes and inclusion of your dissertation in SUrface.

If you have questions or would like more information regarding SUrface please contact