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EndNote: Adding Citations

Manual Entry

The most basic way to enter a reference is by manually typing it in.  Click References menu / New Reference.  Remember to enter multiple author names on separate lines.  Press Tab to move between fields.

You can enter author names either last name first with a comma ("Smith, Jane") or first name first ("Jane Smith").

Tip: When entering a corporate or institutional author name like "Syracuse University" or "Centers for Disease Control", enter a comma after the name. This will prevent EndNote from inverting or abbreviating the name as it would for an individual author's.

Direct Import from Online Databases

Search the database via the web interface as you normally would. Select the references you want, then save or export them. Every database works a little differently but most databases can export to EndNote with these general steps:

  1. Select the citations you want to save with an Add button or check box.
  2. Look for a Save or Export button.
  3. Choose "Save to EndNote" or "Export to your bibliographic software" or a similar option.
  4. EndNote will usually recognize that your browser is sending citation data and open automatically to save it to your library.

Importing with Filters

For the databases that don't allow direct import, you can use EndNote's import filters to transfer the reference data into your EndNote library:

  1. Save the results you wish to keep in a text file
  2. From EndNote's File menu, choose Import
  3. Select the text file that contains your saved results
  4. From the Import Options menu, select Other Filters
  5. Select the filter that corresponds to the database your results came from
  6. Click the Import button

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a good tool for quickly finding articles.  When using Google Scholar be sure to set your preferences allow for export to EndNote.

Use the gear to select scholar preferences:

Google Scholar Preferences

Choose EndNote as your Bibliography Manager:

EndNote logo

Citation Help!

The Citation Managers Team is here to answer your questions or provide instruction in your classroom.  Email us at