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Latin American Studies: Books

Helpful Key Words and Subject Terms

There are a number of different collections on the SU Campus that may be useful for your research in Latin American Studies.  To search for books and other sources within the SU Libraries' catalog, try a subject headings search using some of the terms listed below, for example.   Also search the Libraries' catalog subject headings for individual countries such as Brazil, or ethnic groups such as Garifuna.

  • Latin America
  • Hispanic Americans
  • West Indies
  • specific Latin American countries
  • social sciences topics
  • humanities topics
  • maps
  • government documents

New Book in Latin American Studies

Searching for Resources in the SU Libraries' Catalog

Summon is SU Library's search engine. Using Summon, you can search the Library website for books, videos, articles, as well as other resources.

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Reference books

Don't forget that all campus libraries have reference collections with scholarly encyclopedias, atlases, and other publications that may provide useful background information for your research.

ASK US! Syracuse University Librarians

For research assistance in areas related to Latin American Studies, contact one of our subject specialist librarians.

African Diaspora, Anthropology, Sociology:
Bonnie Ryan

Geography & Maps:
John Olson

Lydia Wasylenko

International Relations:
Michael Pasqualoni

Patrick Williams

Spanish Language & Literature:
Ann Skiold


Reference Book - Latin American Studies

Mexico: A Global Studies Handbook cover