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Syracuse University Libraries

Newspaper Databases

A guide to newspaper databases available through the SU Libraries system

U.S. Newspapers: Databases

New York Times newspaper mastheads

New York Times

Syracuse University students and faculty have access to a number of indexes and full-text article databases that offer New York Times coverage, including:


ProQuest Central (1980- present)

ProQuest Historical Newspapers (1851 - 2011)



For more options, or to learn about access to the New York Times and New York Times Online for Syracuse University affiliated users see the New York Times Subject Guide. 





Other Sources



Nexis Uni

Full-text coverage of hundreds of U.S. national and regional newspapers including:

Houston Chronicle (1992 - present)
Los Angeles Times (1985 - present)
New York Daily News (1995 - present)
New York Newsday (1988 - present)
New York Post (1997 - present)
New York Times (1980 - present)
USA Today (1989 - present)
Washington Post (1977 - present)

and more...




Full page scans of international, national, and regional newspapers.  Coverage is a rolling archive includes the most recent 30 to 90 days only.  Titles include:

Baltimore Sun
Boston Herald
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago Tribune
Dallas Morning News
Houston Chronicle
Los Angeles Times
New York Daily News
New York Post
Orlando Sentinel
Washington Post
Washington Times
USA Today

and many more...



Infotrac Newsstand

InfoTrac Newsstand provides access to more than 1,000 major U.S. regional, national and local newspapers as well as leading titles from around the world.


Current Newspaper Headlines

To browse a recent two to three weeks of articles from a set of major U.S. national and regional newspapers (with ability to quickly jump into specific sections of these papers), connect to Factiva, then click News Pages on the top toolbar.

News titles covered by the Factiva "News Pages" feature include: Wall Street Journal; New York Times; Washington Post; Los Angeles Times; Chicago Tribune; USA Today; Atlanta Journal Constitution; Tampa Bay Times; Barron’s; Forbes

Factiva database news pages search interface

NOTE:  Factiva's license at SU has a five simultaneous user limit, so if turned away when accessing this database - take a brief break and try again shortly.  Even when large groups access Factiva, it is rare for five people to access this BOTH at exactly the same time and also for exactly identical duration of use.  You are welcome to report persistent Factiva database turnaway problems to the Public Communications Librarian at (315) 443-3715

Alternative Press Publications

Search The Classic Catalog for Newspaper Titles